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Music Video 'Spremiagrumi' made with a hacked GH2
  • This summer i made this music video for the young italian pop musician Andrea Pinsuti. Two days of shooting in a theater, zero budget and just me doing everything with the help of natives. Tokina 11-16, Konica 40 1.8. Gh2 hacked with standard 42mb/s. I was happy with the quality of 1080 and unhappy with 720 (that now is hugely improved). I'd like you to judge and give some advices!

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  • That's a lot of fun. It must have been hard work to shoot but I particularly love the lighting. I can see why you did the slightly red surround to the image, particularly for those shots where you have a mostly dark frame. The sort of textured overlay and the film scratches are only just visible in 1080 and in any case it's difficult to know what YouTube is doing to the image. But it looks great, and has a real sense of style and I'm sure it'll get them a lot of bookings / publicity!

  • Thank you very much for the compliments. It's true the youtube compression really hides/confuses the texture overlay maybe i'll upload it on vimeo in the near future! It's been a hard work for sure, but very pleasant and fun to do because we shoot in a little town close to Siena and people (and food) were amazing. I'm not (and Andrea isn't too) very good with booking/publicity.. do you have any advice :P?

  • @Elenion: Good work!

    One thing which puzzled me a bit was that the frame and the canvas + film scratches put me somewhere in-between cinema and television. In particular because some of the scenes and their colouring reminded greatly of other music videos from the 80's and 90's.

    I think it would be good if you decided which way to go with the effects: is it cinema or television? (I mean, it can also be television inside theatre.. or a cinema screen).

    If you go for cinema I would like the scratches to be slightly more prolific, perhaps bigger and more diverse (random looking) - more like random dust and scratches than a pattern of scratches, if possible. Just to make it more into the same time period. Also then, the canvas IMO should have finer grain / less detail to change the perception of size (so that it looks bigger - now I get the feeling of really small projection with a television frame). Perhaps you could tinker with the aspect ratio of the frame then, also to emphasize the same time period. (I realize this would create a lot of work for you though!)

    If you go for television I would drop the scratches and the canvas and see if it's possible to create some slight distortion to follow the edge of the frame. Both in terms of color and in terms of actual aspect distortion, mimicking an old fat TV. Also then, the aspect ratio of the frame could be different - 4:3 and perhaps then you could shoot an actual TV to use as a frame.

    That is, if going all out on the look / end result. (Sometimes one can only do so much work though!)

    Anyhow, good work! I like it.

  • Hi, just wanted to say great clip @Elenion! Catchy even though I didn't know the words, you used the camera well, the film grain applied over it like others have said doesn't translate well to youtube probably due to bitrate, but I was used to it by half way through.

  • Very well done, great work. Good to see some real result. Thx for sharing!

  • @RRRR Well i wanted to give a 'fifties' look, gay and light-hearted and i found in the framing and in the others small characterizations a good compromise. I didn't mean to simulate the vision of a cinema screen nor of a television, it's just a matter of mood, but i agree with you: i should have characterized these things more. More scratches and dust, a random texture, maybe some dynamic lens distortion effect and stuff like this. I didn't have much time to edit and i used a weird workflow that teaches me much, but that i'll never use again.

    @SuperRoach @Meierhans Thank you!. We're here to learn and share!