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Panasonic GH7 - finally PDAF in a filmmakers MFT
  • It's official, the GH6 has been discontinued by Panasonic.

    GH7 rumours from 43rumors:

    • Shipping begins in July 2024
    • Camera already being tested by the influencers and youtubers
    • Large fan like the GH6
    • Possibly float audio recording with new XLR module
    • Internal RAW video

    No word yet on possible built in ND filters, type of card slots or RAW recording codec.

    Possible announcement on June 5.

    Also Panasonic Lumix presents at the Cine Gear Expo on June 7.

    Cine Gear LA EXPO 2024 DATES: June 7-9, 2024 LOCATION: Warner Bros. Studios
    Fri., June 7, 2024 - 2:00 PM Panasonic LUMIX Presents 50 min Location: Screening Room 12

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  • The PetaPixel review of the Sigma 28-45mm f/1.8 DG DN Art is probably shoot on the GH7.

  • Official count down to the june 5th event.

    MFT mount and a count down from 7 to 1 with the words "new phase".

    Her in main Europe (Berlin time) it's premiering at 23:00. That will be a long day!

    Maybe some more leaks before that?

  • So, at least the retail price is better than predicted by some;

    It costs $2200 and it will have internal ProRes RAW recording capabilities!


    Panasonic Lumix Live Event & In-Store Demo Thursday, June 6, 2024 1:00 PM ET -

  • Big, bulky and big-budget. Just the way we like MFT. I guess the GH6 body positive form factor was to be expected after the "big fan" rumours surfaced.


    700 x 698 - 410K
  • It would be good this camera have a dual native iso because 25 megapixels in mft sensor will deliver lots of noise.

  • We all know theoretical limits for sensor size an pixel pitch. Lately phone camera sensors have surpassed any theoretical assumptions. Right now with some ai assistance and clever post processing you can pretty much resolve the noise issues and detail bits.

  • "1 CF Express card, 5728x3024 Apple ProRes RAW HQ up to 30fps, data rate at 3.3Gbps or non-HQ at 2.2Gbps at 24fps"

  • Let me explain my real tests with high iso. I did a comparison between canon sl2 24mp and 90d 32,5mp and also between lumix g7 16mp and g95 20mp. What happen is: in g7 iso 6400 and sl2 iso 12800 neatvideo does a good job with denoise and video is usable. In 90d the maximum is 3200 and g95 2500. After this neatvideo cannot recover the image because the problem is not the noise, the problem is the image degrades a lot and get a mud look, very ugly. I dont know if the new cameras have better internal processing to solve this.

  • Yeah, GH7 has a new sensor.

  • LOL, Gerald Undone got one.

  • and my view/rant/test of light which will be in upcoming legit review ;)

  • GH7 ships with the charger for the BLK22 battery, but without powerbrick or USB cable.

  • About Lumic Global Summit in Japan and the GH7:

    @Yaperture - They didn’t announce or mention it at all in Japan publicly. And it wasn’t mentioned directly to me at all

    @quentin6233 - There were a few youtubers who have footage of the GH7 while in Japan so some got theirs when they were there. The announcement of the S9 was appropriately done first. If anything they are trying to capture the social media market while dumping the rest of the S5ii/S5iiX sensors into the S9 as they prepare to upgrade the sensor. There are strong rumors of a high megapixel camera coming before the endoplasmic of the year. Lumix has always been more video centric so it's no surprise they invited certain people to review a photogenic camera. They have been inviting Julia Trotti a lot lately and they invited Manny Ortiz to the S9 event. Those two are portrait photographers who usually only use video for b-roll. That's a clear indication they are trying to up their photography.

  • Too bad. I was hoping for а low megapixel version, GH7S or something. My GH5S which is a 6 y.o. tech now is still on par or even beats my S5II which has Panasonic latest and greatest sensor in terms of noise. WITH Metabones Speed Booster, I mean. So I doubt that the same sensor tech in 2x crop version with the same 25MP in it will be a good upgrade to my GH5S. Haven't seen any low light comparisons yet. So I guess I'll wait until GH7 lands the rentals shelves to try it out myself.