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Old Nebula 4200 Gimbal Software
  • I purchased a second-hand Filmpower Nebula 4200 gimbal and I am looking for the software (Windows or Mac).

    So far, I cannot find any download link on the Internet.

    I would really apreciate if anyone could send me a copy.


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  • @Simon22

    It is universal software, look here for old topics about calibration.

  • Ok,

    What I found is a software called "SimpleBGC 32" from a company called "Basecam Electronics". With this software, I was able to connect to the Nebula 4200 VIA Bluetooth and now have access to the configuration. I might even be able to do a firmware update.


  • Many Gimbals still run on basecam, but they have proprietary stuff on top (I am not a programmer so simplified version). Also, basecam gimbal controllers which can be had used for basically free can be used to restore basically any gimbal which still has working motors... which is basically 99.99% of faulty gimbals. There is even a handy joystick you can plug into the controller among other things.