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Saxo Bank: Meat banning is not far away
  • In at least one country, a decision will be made to completely abandon meat - first, by 2025, high taxes on meat will be introduced, and already in 2030, its production will be banned. The alternative would be plant-based artificial meat and lower-emission lab-grown meat technologies. Thus, countries will try to return to the climate agenda, which was under attack in 2022.

    From their new prognosis of the future events.

    It is first fully open statement that for usual people (not for elites!) meat will be banned.

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  • My best friend has a factory of vegan meat. It’s the competition of beyond meat here in Latin America. More protein less grease less salt more flavor. +20 million dollar plant the largest in Latin America.

    Eve him recognizes the bad health that this fucking products have, but hey, it’s the future.

    I’m amazed they are making vegan salmon and it’s fucking good!!! For real this shit is very compelling and truly tastes nice but all those oils and processed protein are really bad.

    It Takes away from you micronutrients and minerals on its way to digestion. I don’t know the biochemical process but in the way of it you loose some due to bad absorption or blocking the absorption phase in you.

    Grate business bad practice.

  • Let me explain why it's bad and how digestion really works.

    When you eat meat or plant food what actually happens is that your digestion system uses acids to cut down the proteins in the food and then the broken-down proteins are then moved to the cells of your body that need them.

    If the food is damaged severely during "processing" then there is a reduced amount of good proteins that can be copied into your body 'to help make you'. So your body starves.

    Water from the swamp would more likely be good to your body than these artificial foods.

    They will age you artificially and make you grow old more quickly,

    The natural food contains the proteins that are closer to what your body can use. These companies are just "taste matching" - a process that has existed for a long time.

  • Haha, no thanks.

    Please find someone your own age.

  • @Cantata_tech

    I think, it’s my personal opinion, but.. I think you are shiting outside the toilet several times, but you haven’t realised yet.

    Please clean yourself, get some composure and rethink your information.

  • I don't think that you understand science.

    RNA is the building block of Digestion. Acids in the stomach strip the food back to RNA.

    These building blocks are then used to patch, repair and grow the body.

    If there is too much damage to the RNA of the food because of Food Processing, the body gets malnourished.

    Meat has a lot of RNA, these new synthetic have a questionable amount.

  • Congratulations!! That is a personal-view answer. I don’t understand science I’m ignorant fully