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Iso by pixel
  • Would it be possible a sensor that adjusts the ISO by pixel instead off by entire sensor ? You set the the iso and then the sensor lower or increase the iso in the pixels that are so much bright or so much dark. Dynamic rang wpuld be completely solved. It seems some smartphones are doing this because in some internet videos it is possible to see clouds and shadows perfectly exposed at same time.

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  • @apefos

    Some of smartphone sensors use 4 to 1 pixel mode. And 2 pixels can use lower exposure or similar method is used.

    Anther are making multiple shots and combine them.

  • A7siii fx3 ans fx6 uses 4to1 pixel ratio.

  • Thanks guys. Now I know about the 4 to 1 pixels. But I will go on with GH2 and G7 on the low budget.

  • @apefos

    As for low budget options - check Asus Zenfone 7 Pro. It is not hyped, cheap used. Has nice cameras, 8K at 30fps, 4K 120fps. Superb if you do any blogs or selfies.

  • Does it work with filmic pro?

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    I know that it works with

    But I think 60fps 4K modes did not work yet.