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Media creators and war PR
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  • The counterfeit news propagated non-stop is astonishing!

  • @Eno Yes indeed....good though that here are less to say the same s..t. Maybe seeing the consequences they started to think.

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  • @Lincoln11 & @garroulus so on one hand we're saying everything from western media is false but then go on to post articles from a source that definitely has it's own agenda.

    What makes Putin's reason for attacking Ukraine any less idiotic than the west barging into Iraq or Afghanistan based on claims of "liberation", "WMDs", "Terrorists"? Full access to the Black Sea, the recently discovered oil fields in the east of the country, and the list goes on... yet his reason is Nazis. I see a lot of similarities. Yes, it is proven that there are Neo-Nazis in the Azov battalion that the government turned a blind eye to, because it served their own agenda and enabled them to stay in power. Would the Azov Batallion even be as powerful or tolerated if not for a drawn out war? Does that justify invading a whole country? According to your logic, yes. Does it mean the whole of the Ukraine are Nazis?

    It just seems a bit of a circle jerk here with everyone patting themselves on the back for having access to the real truth, while jumping on those of us with questions and telling us to "read more". If we're on this forum, reading Vitalys posts, it's more likely than not that we're well aware that the mainstream media lies to us and feeds us bullshit to build a narrative and have done a fair share of this vague "reading" that you're touting. But thanks for the tip.

  • One source with an agenda. One, that has been banned from all Western media so that you can't see it. For Western objectivity, we should not include it? While the Western behemoth lies through all it's channels, you protest this from RT, really?

    I don't know garroulus personally, so I would feel presumptuous patting him anywhere. You are welcome to post your articles here, I just started it and continue with what I find. If disagreeing with your representation of events and posting propaganda is jumping on you, hey sorry for the feels. I don't think it's reading that's the problem, it's the selection of sources.

    Putin feels threatened by having NATO missiles on his border, he made an issue of this for YEARS. Also 8 years of shelling civilians in the Donbass, NATO now admitting that they've been training and running things in this "sovereign country". Yet suddenly, "he just wants to create a new Soviet empire."

    And as far as doing an Iraq I don't think he's done any gold stealing, killed 500,000 children or poisoned the land with depleted Uranium shells yet.

  • White hats have been previously on bad news, throwing white phosphorus bombs in middle east.

    Those piece of shit are the exact opposite from what they say they are.

    Also green peace, those mother fuckers are pure human trafficking trading.

  • @Lincoln11 so what do you think will happen now that finland and sweden want to join nato?? according on your reasoning putin should attack finland too??

  • No of course not, I think he should just surrender and let them put as many nuclear capable weapons on his border as possible. He knows the US and its EU colonies are only there for defensive reasons. They have been defending the shit out of countries since post WWII. He's a nazi anyway and needs a Disneyland to promote our values.

  • Maybe you can ask the question the other way arround. What will happen now that dollars dont mean anything and that USA-EU cant steal things just pressing more fake money? That africa is on the hands of the chinese?

    That soft power is decaying?

    Prepare yourself for the years ahead

  • @Lincoln11 I'm not protesting anything. I do read RT as well other translated Russian news sites to get a more well-rounded picture from both sides. And by all means I do avoid western mainstream media. But it's obvious that there is a skewed perspective from the other side as well. I have no personal representation of events as of yet, but if the logic is flawed, then I question it, no feelings involved.

    I agree with the fact that Putin feels threatened. One can compare the Cuban missile situation to the current situation in Ukraine. The US felt threatened by "The Red Menace" then completely destroyed the Cuban economy with sanctions that continue to this day... not to mention the Bay of Pigs fuck up. I'm no western apologist. I've spent my whole life abroad, have lived in over 20 countries and seen first hand the tragic consequences of western expansionism and greed and this is no different. The west always portrays Putin as an insane, dangerous megalomaniacal bogeyman while they do the exact same things. He has been going on forever about NATO meddling in former soviet territories and they didn't listen and actively did the opposite and i completely understand it can be viewed as reason for war if you set aside the humanitarian aspect.

    Buuuut as we're seeing, Western Europe without Russian gas, fertiliser, steel, wood, is doing miserably. Why couldn't that have been used as a weapon instead of destroying human lives? Was another proxy war necessary? As we're also seeing, developing nations still depend on and need Russian exports. I don't think China would have problems buying Russian exports as well. Seems like a war just makes countries have to choose a side, or else and it just ends up hurting the general population. What is the end goal? Prop up another Kadyrov type president? Maybe he's a swell guy that adopts stray puppies and crochets on the weekends, but i'm sure he's done his fare share of shit as well.

    As far as atrocities, Russia was in Afghanistan for a decade as well... millions of civilians killed as a result of their and the wests meddling. Chechnya, georgia... they might have had good reasons for all of those conflicts, but maybe also not.

  • Did major international media, including wire services Reuters and The Associated Press, clumsily help spread pro-Georgian propaganda during the recent war with Russia? Perhaps so, based on possibly staged photos by Reuters photogs David Mdzinarishvili and Gleb Garanich, and George Abdaladze, an Reuters AP shooter.

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  • Have you heard about the new Russian submarine "Moscow"?

  • Ukainians claiming they blowed up Russian battleship. False. Was accidental only. Not Ukaine. They liars.

  • I don't know what is worse that the tiny country Ukraine is sinking the flagship of a great power like Russia, or is it because of Russian incompetence, kleptocracy, corruption, ineptitude, arrogance? Both are very fun. I would like to ask for more, as this Stalin dick said: "We have a lot of people" - So many more Russians will die for the idea of ​​Greater Russia. Negative population growth and that. I see a bright future for great Russia, Bravo!

  • During one month of russian invasion, Ukrainians eliminated 7 enemy generals: Lt. Gen. Andrei Mordvichev Lt. Gen. Yakov Rezantsev Maj. Gen. Vitaliy Gerasimov Maj. Gen. Andrei Kolesnikov Maj. Gen. Oleg Mityaev Maj. Gen. Andrei Sukhovetskiy Maj. Gen Magomed Tushaev It is only one Month???? :-) LOL

  • @Mihuel

    The tiny country Ukraine

    Ukraine is not tiny country, open wikipedia and compare them to large EU countries.

  • Let's compare Ukraine to Russia. Let's compare the area, number of people, GDP, army, access to resources. You're getting a big kick from a little mouse. Either you are very weak or you are very incompetent. Or both. Nevertheless, congratulations on the launch of the new submarine "Moscow".

  • Find the differences, one is Grozny, the other is Mariupol. What do these two cities have in common? Which country's visit with first letter "R"? Romania?

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  • @Mihuel

    Let's compare Ukraine to Russia. Let's compare the area, number of people, GDP, army, access to resources. You're getting a big kick from a little mouse. Either you are very weak or you are very incompetent. Or both. Nevertheless, congratulations on the launch of the new submarine "Moscow".


    • Area Total 603,628 km2
    • Popuation 41,167,336

    European Russia

    • Area 3,995,200
    • Population of nearly 110 million

    Note that Russia is using only professional paid soldiers now.

    And that on other side we have all EU and US power with huge shipments. For example, US and EU already shipped 1/3 of their anti tank weapons and plan to supply another 1/3.

  • @Mihuel

    This is how Grozny looks now, may be compare it to the cities where US had been?

    Head of Chechnya is leading general and best Chechen battalions are on the forefront of Ukrainian battle. And this totally breaks your logic.

  • This photograph of a boy is wide shared by the Balts as a consequence of the actions of the Russian military during a special operation in Ukraine. Allegedly, the child is in the Zaporozhye regional hospital.

    The truth is – this boy was blown up in 2015 by a Ukrainian shell in Volodarskoye near Mariupol. This village was far from the front line at that time. His name is Kolya, and his 4-year-old brother died then.

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev: So all those people who were kilka in Chechenia then are resurrected? Daughters were unraped, fingernails torn out under torture inserted back? Tell me about this Chechen miracle? What do I care about Americans? They don't kill my neighbors, they don't rob and destroy their homes, and they don't rape their daughters and wives. Whenever I show what the Soviet-Russian civilization gives the world, Vitalij writes about America. Is that some kind of complex?

  • @Mihuel

    Whenever I show what the Soviet-Russian civilization gives the world, Vitalij writes about America. Is that some kind of complex?

    I am just different side, opposition of your mass media. Use your own head, and if you can't just ignore that I write.

  • Thank for post. The blowed up little boy with legs chop off is always have is picture on TicTok now. And its American who make the video.

  • Gonzalo Lira, formerly known as Coach Red Pill, has gone missing since Friday in Kharkov. He was known for his advice to viewers as kind of a pick-up artist and red-pilling men about modern women. He had been off the scene for a while and had married a Ukrainian woman. He was caught in Kiev at the beginning of the conflict and began streaming from his hotel. He garnered a whole new group of fans as he told the truth as he saw it on the ground in Ukraine. He was yet another independent media creator, an alternative to the narrative.