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GoPro Hero 10 ("X") topic
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  • Close Ups and Bokeh with the Hero 10:

    Just use a macro lens.

  • Hero 10 at Night with Gimbal (necessary) in 53.K 60p:

    I have not found a gimbal that was as good as Hypersmooth, but for night video Hypersmooth does not work. With a gimbal, handheld Hero 10 night video is not bad.

  • HERO10 Black update v1.20 | December 15, 2021


    • Enables Max Lens Mod compatibility.
    • Adds new resolutions and frame rates including 5K 4:3 24, 4K 4:3 30/25/24, 5.3K24 and 1080p24.
    • Adds SuperView digital lens to 5.3K60/30.


    • Reduces highlight clipping to prevent overexposure in bright conditions.


    • Increased accuracy of battery recording time indicator for Enduro.
    • General bug fixes and user interface improvements.

    Press PR: Starting today, HERO10 Black owners can update their cameras using the Quik app. Benefits include:

    1. Max Lens Mod with 2.7K 4:3 settings: Max Lens Mod is an ultra-wide angle lens accessory for HERO10 and HERO9 Black cameras. It enables incredibly wide, distortion-free video, referred to as Max SuperView, as well as the ultimate in-video stabilization, aptly named Max HyperSmooth, with optional full 360˚ horizon lock. And with HERO10 Black, Max Lens Mod enables 2.7K60 video in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios for hands down the widest, most stable POV shots possible.

    2. 5.3K SuperView Digital Lens: GoPro's widest, most immersive in-camera digital lens is now available at 5.3K60 on HERO10 Black. At 5.3K60, SuperView captures your point-of-view at a stunningly high resolution and frame rate which results in a "you feel like you're there" visual experience. SuperView is a favorite of those looking to capture their activity as they remember seeing it—only better.

    3. 24 Frames Per Second Video: 24 frames per second video is a favorite of film and television producers, and HERO10 Black now supports 24 frames per second at 5.3K, 5K, 4K and 1080p video resolutions.

    To update HERO10 Black, owners need only connect their camera to GoPro's Quik app.


    2699 x 2700 - 220K
  • The best combo for Hero 10 night video: Superview 5.3K 60P + Hohem iSteady Pro 4 gimbal + Davinci Resolve Studio stabilization:

    The Hohem gimbal is not stable enough without help. Hypersmooth cannot be used in the dark. So, this combo is needed. IQ from the Hero 10 is quite good in the dark when Superview is used in 5.3K, since it uses all the pixels of the sensor and the slight crop from the stabilization in post still gives a 5K video.

  • Out in a snowstorm, with waterproof gimbal (Hohem iSteady Pro 4):

    I used the Enduro battery. I was out for almost two hours in 0-degree windchill (F) with the camera never switched off and shot lots of clips, with many 1-minute or more (the tracking clips). At the end the battery was down to only 20%.

  • New firmware a mystery:

    HERO10 Black update v1.30 | January 27, 2022

    HERO10 Black v1.30


    General bug fixes and user interface improvements.

  • Unfortunately v1.30 did not fix my issues with the media mod not working properly.

  • GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition


    GoPro has unveiled the Hero 10 Black Creator Edition Advanced Creative Kit for its flagship action camera. The most noteworthy accessory in the kit was Volta - the device combines the functions of a handle, a tripod, a remote control and an external battery.

    The remote control functions on the Volta allow you to turn the camera on and off, switch shooting modes, start and stop video recording, take photos, or start time-lapses. The remote control connects via Bluetooth, which means that the camera can be installed somewhere else at this time, while the cable is used only to supply power. The handle has built-in legs that fold out to convert the accessory into a tripod, and the mount rotates for optimal viewing angles.

    The Hero 10 Black Creator Edition bundle is priced at $785, or $582 for GoPro subscribers. The Volta accessory can be purchased separately for $130, or about $90 for subscribers.


    729 x 497 - 27K
    550 x 581 - 26K
  • Latest release:
    HERO10 Black update v1.40 | March 30, 2022

    HERO10 Black v1.40


    Adds support for Volta

    * Improves QuikCapture performance and reliability
    * Improves Auto Upload connection to GoPro cloud
    * Improves Hindsight capture reliability for 4K25 mode
    * Improves Real/Half Speed button response during Time Warp capture
    * Improves reliability when multiple BLE devices are paired to camera

    * Fixes an audio calibration issue when camera is used with Media Mod
    * Fixes issue where Audio Meter is not displayed when camera is used with Media Mod
    * Fixes incorrect Scheduled Capture count down display on HDMI
    * General bug fixes and other user interface improvements

  • Was really exited when GoPro finally acknowledged that there is issues with the Media Mod.

    However the 1.4 firmware does not fix this for me. Media Mod is still not properly recognised on turn on. Always have to do a hard reset on the camera before the Media Mod starts to work.

  • The Volta is stupid. The Hohem iSteady Pro gimbal, for example, can do all the Volt does and also adds needed stabilization. It has a 10-hour battery and you can power the GoPro from it, you can by bluetooth wireless connection change the camera mode and also start and stop video, or time-lapse, or hyper lapse or stills. Volt capabilities + stabilization and about the same price. You cannot use the Media mod with the gimbal, however.

  • @markr041

    If the rumours are correct we might get a GoPro "DJI Pocket" style gimbal camera later on.

    We should never underestimate GoPros ability to sell more cameras. :-p

  • ReelSteady 2.0 test: shot with Hypersmooth Standard on in 4:3 5K, stabilized in ReelSteady and exported in 5K Cineform (essentially lossless) then color graded in DaVinci Resolve and exported in 4K:

  • ReelSteady does not just stabilize, it also eliminates fisheye distortion. In this video there are plenty of scenes with vertical light poles, and none are bent:

  • HERO10 Black v1.42 | June 1, 2022


    • Fixes bug where display turns green and camera reboots when paired with multiple devices
    • Fixes multiple command and control bugs when camera is paired with Volta
    • General bugs and performance improvements
  • A strange firmware update for the Hero10 this week.

    V 1.43 - "Support for new components in recently manufactured cameras"

    It's well known that the production of the autumn releases starts in june at the factories in China and Mexico.

    Could this be a release with new firmware componets for the Hero11 release?

    1267 x 297 - 18K