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War: Russia will sell much more for rubles only
  • The speaker of the State Duma noted that the European states have all the market opportunities to pay in rubles.

    “European politicians need to stop talking, stop looking for excuses why their countries cannot pay in rubles. You had to think before. They themselves did everything to undermine confidence in the dollar and the euro, so that Russia would refuse mutual settlements in these currencies, ”said the speaker of the State Duma.

    Volodin also proposed expanding the list of goods exported for rubles - fertilizers, grain, oil, oil, coal, metals, timber.

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  • it looks like for gas europe will continue to pay in euro to gazprom bank and then gazprom bank will convert them to this putin's move only smoke and mirrors??

  • How does one get hold of rubles? Serious question. I assume it is still a convertible currency. Can one get rubles by paying with other currencies? Do they want settlement in gold? goods?

  • @radikalfilm

    Idea is to sell something real to Russia :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev you mean sell goods to Russia to get the rubles, so we have the rubles to buy the gas? I see. It's good we're at least into spring, so we won't also freeze while we wished we had gas for cooking.

  • Wait for winter and let’s see if you are in a good mood also.

  • @endotoxic I'm definitely not in a good mood, just finding the short term silver lining. I mean, we could've also frozen while not having gas for cooking.