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War: Next step of EU suicide - blocking metal imports
  • The European Union, within the framework of the new sanctions package, will impose restrictions on the supply of products from metallurgical companies from Russia.

    "We will ban the import of key steel products from the Russian Federation. This will hit the central sector of the Russian economic system, depriving it of billions of dollars of export earnings and ensuring that our citizens do not subsidize the war," the European Commission said in a statement released on Friday in the evening.

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  • @Vitaliy you forgot to mention the more important piece from the Commission's statement, "we'll ban the export of luxury goods to Russia!" You guys are done and should surrender now, we are merciless.

  • @radikalfilm

    Most of our elite luxury goods consumers are out of Russia now, so they made small error.

  • @vitaliy I made a sad joke obviously, on multiple levels, but mostly about how we don't have essential industry in the EU.