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War: DuckDuckGo fully opened, also US controlled outlet
  • The search engine DuckDuckGo will be down-ranking sites that spread Russian propaganda and disinformation. In a tweet, founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg wrote that the privacy-focused search engine would be releasing updates that would ensure Russian disinformation sites rank further down in search results.

    Freedom and independence always are nice, especially if your finances come from banks and government and both hate them.

    Earlier this month, DuckDuckGo announced it would pause its relationship with Russian-state owned search engine Yandex.

    Yandex is not state owned, idiots.

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  • @Vitaliy related question about Yandex. I use their services to host the email and DNS for one of my domains. I know they're traded on NYSE, incorporated in Amsterdam and so on, but I don't know where their servers are, and if I should worry about DoS, with the chatter about the impending escalation of the cyberwar. Could you spare a thought on that? The email hosting services I use are Zoho and Yandex. Back when I spread the eggs in multiple baskets I couldn't fathom a future like this, so Yandex was a healthy bet back then.

  • @radikalfilm

    All will be ok, for now.

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    Wow, and they will also provide Big Brother proper notes. Nice.

    After this all that is left is switch off all servers and slowly climb into cemetery as reputations is gone totally.

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  • Fuckers. Trust no one this days. NO ONE