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War: NikonRumors is being run by Nazist
  • Starting today, NikonRumors and all sister sites will no longer be accessible for IP addresses coming from Russia.

    I strongly encourage other website owners to do the same.

    Such guys will give rise to new Hitler, as they think that they fight for good, but instead they blame the nation, this is Nazism.

    Yes, not only telling that you are exceptional (this is near future!), but also telling that some other nation is bad.

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  • Pinned comment is about Russian people held responsible:

    ""It's pretty much a moot point anyway, because with 124 Russian rubles to the US$, Russians won't be able to buy bread"

    WTF is this shit?

    Specially for idiot, official exchange course is 105,81 RUB per USD, and bread price is same as it had been. Agreement is made to hold prices of all major good products as they are all domestic.

  • It is really Nazism to punish the Russian people for what is happening!

    In protest, I will stop visiting Nikon Rumors for such an anti-human policy!

  • Russian families are already eating dogfood and catfood post invasion...oops I mean their "Technical Operation". Doesn't help that their only export is oil-- mono economies always have feet of clay. They need to change the name of the currency from Ruble to "Rubbish"

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  • @gunlusting

    Don't we have one of the old friends here? :-) With same level of insane comments.

  • Nikon rumors deserve to have fewer viewers. I won't stand for open racism!