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Corporate censorship now in full force
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  • A new report finds that claims of anti-conservative bias on social media platforms are not only untrue but serve as a form of disinformation. The report from NYU’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights says not only is there no empirical finding that social media companies systematically suppress conservatives, but even reports of anecdotal instances tend to fall apart under close scrutiny.

    Of course researchers in capitalism are usually prostitute guys, but this is below any level imaginable.

  • Microsoft has announced that it will suspend all donations for the upcoming 2022 election cycle for any members of Congress, state officials, and organizations that voted to object to the certification of electors in the 2020 election or supported attempting to overturn the election.

  • Twitter has removed the account of the Gateway Pundit, which sympathized with the former president. This happened shortly after the publication on its pages of the material, which contains facts of violations (if not falsifications) during the counting of votes in Detroit.

  • Andrew Spinks, the co-creator of Terraria, announced that his studio would no longer be working on a Google Stadia port of the game, he announced on Twitter earlier today. The reason: his studio, Re-Logic, has been locked out of its associated Google and YouTube accounts for “over three weeks” without any explanation and with little recourse from the company.

    Spinks tweeted that he had “not done anything to violate your terms of service, so I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge.

    Present big tech company became as inhuman as possible, having no mercy and not even having reason, like mad robots that kill everyone due to algorithms bugs.

  • Clapper CEO Edison Chen told on Thursday that the company will permanently ban QAnon-related content going forward. As of publication, Chen said Clapper has removed over 400 videos and 20 accounts for spreading QAnon or anti-vax misinformation and has increased its number of content auditors from around a dozen to 20. It will take Clapper up to 10 days to complete a full audit of its over 1 million videos.

    We are free, as free fall.

  • Facebook expands the geographic reach of its platform to "fight climate misinformation". Activists demand more: Organisations and individuals that deny man-​made climate change should be thwarted by the social media network

    Soon it will be only one opinion - one that corporations constructed and promoted.

  • The microblogging service Twitter announced the removal of 100 accounts probably connected with Mordor, accusing them of violating the platform's rules.

    Twitter claims to have uncovered a network of accounts that was linked to Mordor and tried to "undermine faith in the North Atlantic Alliance and its stability."

    In means that they did not post only stuff on how NATO protect democracy.

    Another 31 accounts were deleted because their owners allegedly tried to influence the US and the EU.

    How? Telekinesis via tweets?

  • YouTube has suspended Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube channel for the second time this year for making false claims of fraud in the 2020 US presidential election and has issued a strike against his channel. It’s Giulani’s second strike within 90 days, according to Bloomberg, meaning that Giuliani cannot upload videos for two weeks. In a statement, YouTube also cited Giulani’s promotion of nicotine, which is against the company’s rules.

    Something tells me that next year it will be promotion of breathing that will be enough for blocking.

    And note how notices/false fact check about rigged elections turned into "false claims of fraud in the 2020 US presidential election" and they are enough for strike and channel blocking now.

  • YouTube has pulled 30,000 videos for sharing misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines.

    The company has taken down more than 800,000 videos for spreading coronavirus misinformation since last February.

    YouTube’s policies only address a specific subset of claims about the COVID-19 vaccines that contradict official guidance from the World Health Organization and other authorities.

    Of course, this time they act in your interests. Suddenly. Despite being your open enemies.

  • Facebook now intents to remove any dissent fast

    Facebook posted on its blog that it will start improving group recommendations. The social network will stop offering users pages identified as malicious (in facebook terms, not in reality!). The company states that its efforts are aimed at protecting users from groups, information in which could harm them. It's worth noting that Facebook recently excluded any political groups, as well as newly created communities, from recommendations in the US, although they can still be found with targeted searches. Now these rules apply to the whole world.

    Facebook says that when a group begins to violate social media rules (yes, this daily changing fuzzy shit), it appears less and less on its recommendation list. When a user tries to join a group that violates community standards, Facebook will warn about it.

    "Bad" guys must shut up.

    Facebook warns that users who periodically violate group rules of conduct will be prevented from posting and posting comments for a specified period of time in any group. They will also not be able to create their own groups.

    Such way they also will shut up any individuals who don't like corporate groups that are full of stupid fanboys, as now any post or comment can have global consequences.

  • The possessing upper classes are too few in number and too hated by the people to rule on their own behalf. They need a cover: traditional monarchical ("by God's grace"), liberal parliamentary ("sovereignty of the people"), Bonapartist ("impartial mediator"), or, finally, fascist ("people's anger")


    We now have move to final, fascist option.

  • No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account.

    As far as I know Google, Apple and Microsoft internals - it is very similar.

    Companies try to not allow people to understand that around them almost everyone feels the same and also hate how the company works and its owners.

  • “We use information about your actions from other apps and websites to serve you more relevant, personalized ads. It also helps Facebook stay free and support companies that use ads to reach the right customers ”

    Facebook message to customers.

    How about become paid for service, $50 per month?

  • Twitter has blocked the Trump team's account. The page planned to share messages from former US President Donald Trump from his donaldjtrump platform. The account was banned a day after it appeared.

    Freedom of... we are searching for new word here, please wait...

  • EXTREMISM (from lat. Extremus - extreme) - adherence to extreme views and measures (mainly in politics); extremism is a term commonly used by reactionaries and reformists to refer to progressive politicians.

  • The social network Facebook has moved to the next stage in the fight against disinformation on the platform. Now visitors to pages that supposedly regularly distribute "fake" news are warned.

    If the user tries to like the corresponding page, he will see the message: "This page has regularly shared false information, which is confirmed by the checks of independent fact-checkers." After that, you can either return to the previous page, or still approve the current one. However, the network will track and tag such users who do not follow the prompts and directions.

    In addition, the company intends to expand the sanctions against personal pages that regularly share disinformation - other users simply will not see them in the news feed. They will be replaced with posts by the largest media outlets.

  • Official censorship on request is here

    Google is updating its search algorithms to prevent sites from filling search results with unproven slanderous (or fully proven and known) claims about any individual. The changes follow a recent series of reports from the Times, which found a vast web of sites hosting unverified (and it seems like they made this sites themselfs) and potentially life-ruining claims about individuals, alongside an industry of other services promising to remove the offending content from search results for substantial fees.

    And it happened that the search giant is making exact such series of changes to its rankings to combat the exact such sites, which Google’s vice president for global policy and standards and trust and safety David Graff said should eventually have a “significant and positive impact” for those affected (read - criminals and rich).

    To explain it in short - now "when rich users report they’ve been a victim of some sites by using its pre-existing custom process, Google will register that person as a “known victim,” and will automatically “suppress” results that such person don't want public to know about them".

    For me it looks like we reached the limit.

  • There are no independent global Internet platforms: they are all American, they all operate in the US jurisdiction, they are all controlled from the beginning, until 2015, by the so-called "Patriot Act", which orders all data to be given to the Government. And in 2015, the Americans passed the Freedom Act, according to which all these companies are obeyed by the US government. Moreover, recently, all Internet companies have been appointed either to the board of directors or to the management of intelligence, defense, etc.

    Not bad.

  • Youtube has banned Sky News Australia from uploading new videos for a week over accusations it spread COVID-19 misinformation. Multiple Sky videos reportedly violated rules denying the existence of the new coronavirus or claiming that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were effective treatments.

    New high.

  • YouTube has removed 1 million videos for dangerous COVID-19 misinformation since February 2020, according to YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mahon.

    Mahon shared the statistic in a blog post outlining how the company approaches. misinformation on its platform. “Misinformation has moved from the marginal to the mainstream,” he wrote. “No longer contained to the sealed-off worlds of Holocaust deniers or 9-11 truthers, it now stretches into every facet of society, sometimes tearing through communities with blistering speed.”

    So, 9/11 and Holocaust are definitely next in the line.

  • Those efforts still don’t get at the root of the problem. Trying to funnel Facebook users to a “science center” doesn’t actually stop climate deniers from posting false information that can spread like wildfire on the platform.

    “Facebook knows the super-spreaders of climate disinformation and should put an end to their repetitive lies,” Michael Khoo, co-chair of the climate disinformation coalition at the nonprofit Friends of the Earth (FOE), said in a statement today. “Facebook and other tech platforms must take far stronger action to limit the super-spreaders, and not put the burden on ordinary users.”

    Expect total bans if you do not support climate scam and green agenda.

  • Google now allows minors, those under the age of 18, to request that images of themselves be removed from Search results. Originally announced in August, the feature is now widely available.

    They always use children to induce more censorship.

    Slowly this feature will be extended and will be used to remove images of anyone they do not like (upon his request, of course, of some "freedom" organisation).

  • Two YouTube channels linked to the far-right extremist group Oath Keepers have been deactivated by the website, the Google subsidiary told Axios. It wasn't exactly due to the content of their videos, however, but because some of the group's members were charged with seditious conspiracy over their role in the January 6th, 2021 US Capitol breach. One of the deactivated channels was named "Oath Keepers" and had fewer than 45,000 subscribers.

    This guys now are acting without any laws or rules.

  • Oh the irony ...

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