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Capitalism: This is how previous decommunisation looked like
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  • Results of decommunisation in Kazahstan

    162 people have concentrated in their hands the main assets of Kazakhstan, while most of the country's inhabitants live on $1.3 thousand a year, Tokayev said. According to him, this income gap was the main reason for the protests.

    The events of early January in Kazakhstan exposed the problems that had been accumulating for years, the income gap between the rich and the poor had reached an unacceptable level. This was stated by the President of the Republic Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at a meeting with businessmen, Tengri News reports.

    “This stratification in income played the role of a lit match and a powder keg, which was used by the terrorist fighters and the conspirators behind them,” Tokayev said.

    The President also gave an assessment of this stratification in real money. “International experts claim that only 162 people own half of the country's fortune. While half of the population's income does not exceed 50 thousand tenge. This is a little more than $1.3 thousand per year. It is impossible to live on such money, the situation needs to be urgently changed,” he said.

    According to Tokayev, real reforms are needed that meet the interests of the country's citizens. He suggested that businessmen "urgently begin" to work together to reset economic policy and define "new rules of the game" - "honest and fair." Addressing entrepreneurs, the head of state also expressed confidence that it is big business, “our bourgeoisie”, that is interested in the reforms. “Because the business elite of our country has something to lose,” he explained.

  • New Ukraine breakthrought

    The Naftogaz Teplo company, which is a subsidiary of Naftogaz Ukrainy, intends to transfer several CHPPs from gas fuel to bio-based raw materials, that is, straw, wood chips and garbage will now be used for heating. This statement was made by the head of the company that manages part of the CHPP of Ukraine Fedor Shevchenko, UNIAN reports.

    “We are considering possible options for the transition, starting from sorted garbage - this is biological waste that has already remained, ending with burning reeds, or working on wood chips or straw,” Shevchenko said.

    Traitors and enemies of the people are talking about genocide, in fact.

  • More breakthroughs

    Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine are provided with mineral fertilizers for field work by only 11% of the required volume, which can lead to a shortage of crops, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported.

    Spring field work was under threat due to a lack of mineral fertilizers.

    The agency released data for January 20, from which it follows that a number of regions are provided with fertilizers by 1-10%. Thus, the Odessa region is provided with 7%, Rivne - 6%, and Lugansk - only 1%. At the same time, the reserves of fertilizers in the Zaporozhye region amount to 57% of the required volume, in Khmelnytsky region - 26%, Zhytomyr region - 22%, Donetsk region - 21%, Kirovohrad region - 20%.

    It is noted that the lack of fertilizers will result in crop losses and huge food shortages in country in 2022.

  • Ukraine electricity consumption



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  • More improvements

    The government of Ukraine has declared that it is ready to introduce "food cards" for products in case of a crisis in connection with the tremendous rise in prices. Who can become a participant in the state program has not yet been determined in the Cabinet of Ministers, but there are still first outlines. And the state has the determination to stand up for the defense of the poorest, Glavred writes.

    Thus, the draft law No. 6374 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Prices and Pricing” refers primarily to socially significant products and socially unprotected categories of the population.

    The authors of the bill propose to restore state regulation of prices for certain types of products.

    Socially significant products currently include:

    • buckwheat;
    • sugar;
    • wheat flour of the highest grade;
    • pasta;
    • pasteurized milk with a fat content of 2.5%;
    • rye-​wheat bread;
    • loaf of wheat flour;
    • chicken eggs;
    • poultry meat;
    • non-carbonated mineral water;
    • butter 75.3%;
    • sunflower oil.

    Presidential adviser Oleg Ustenko explained that "food coupons" would be introduced only in the event of a "negative scenario."

  • Rise of fascism in Czechoslovakia

    In Slovakia in recent years, the process of decommunization of the country has unfolded. In November 2020, communist symbols were banned in the republic and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was recognized as a criminal organization. Now communist paraphernalia is banned in Slovakia. At the same time, the law applies to monuments, memorial plaques, streets and other public places.

    Crimes related to the persecution of citizens during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia will not have to be hushed up due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. This is stated in the proposal of the Minister of Justice of Slovakia, Maria Kolikova, to introduce appropriate amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic.

    According to the deputy Anna Andrejuvova, after the adopted amendments, the list of crimes, the limitation period of which has not yet expired, should include the inhumane behavior of border guards during the communist regime. The proposed draft states that the period from 1939 to 29 December 1989 does not count towards the statute of limitations for crimes committed by public officials that persecute individuals or groups on political, racial or religious grounds. Currently, the project is undergoing the procedure of interdepartmental commenting.

    This is how enemies of the people act.

  • Ukraine manufacturing


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  • Ukraine energy production


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  • One photo to explain why decommunisation is very bad idea and ends bad for authors:


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  • On Friday evening, February 25, after the landing of the Russian amphibious assault in the area of settlement of Azov (Ukraine), Russian units marched and, without meeting resistance, entered Melitopol. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

    According to the Defense Ministry, the residents of Melitopol greeted the Russian servicemen as they moved around the city. It is noted that some citizens took to the streets with red flags.

  • image

    Something good is happening.

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  • From The Economist:


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  • Energodar


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  • Ilyich factory, Mariupol


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  • The upcoming demolition of five memorials to Soviet soldiers located on the territory of the municipality of Ogre is a violation by Latvia of its obligations - Russian Embassy in Riga

    Earlier, the municipal authorities of the Ogre region decided to dismantle the memorials because, in their opinion, they "glorify the role of the Soviet Union and its armed forces in the war, and also strengthen the communist ideology in the occupied countries."

    Note how fascist nature became open...

  • Finland

    Turku demolishes the monument to V.I. Lenin from the city center in connection with the "aggressive war of Russia against Ukraine."

    According to the city of Turku, the statue together with the pedestal, as well as the sign next to the statue, will be removed as soon as possible. The decision to demolish was made by Turku Mayor Minna Arve on Tuesday.

  • Cards of France, Germany and Canada representatives left after visiting Nazis in Ukraine


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