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Raw recording comes to Android smartphones
  • The latest update to the open-source camera app, MotionCam, lets users shoot 10-Bit CinemaDNG RAW video using an Android device.

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  • I tried it on my MI9se phone but could not manage to use. May be too new.

  • Tried on P20, can record about 10 seconds at 24 FPS. You can crop in if you for longer takes. Keep in mind, this is umcompressed RAW, so unless option for external SSD is added, this will fill up your phone in no time. There is also no sound right, so right now, so I would say its more toy than tool. But this might change. Would not mind to have a 3K raw cam in my pocket all the time.

  • I honestly don't get what is the point for this. I seldomly want or need RAW, a S-Log profile suffices 98% of the time, if you take the time to white balance each shot. For the 2% when I want RAW, I want 0% of it from smartphone optics. For photos, there is a limited use case for RAW on the phone. For video/film, the very reasons I would need RAW (heavy grading, multiple color temps in the shot) preclude the use of a phone camera.

  • @radikalfilm

    Raw in smartphones can have one big advantage - proper raw with HEVC style compression can be made significantly smaller size compared to debayered image.

    RED patent not only prevents raw implementation, it also stopped huge amount of work required to improve compression and make files even simpler to edit compared to normal ones.

  • Has anyone tried CinemaDNG recording with this app and the new Google Pixel 6 phones yet? I wonder whether their 48MP sensors created too much data for CinemaDNG recording, or whether the app can downsample the quad bayer sensor signal...