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Coronavirus: The shroud of the dark side has fallen
  • Topic dedicated to QR codes, green passports, forced vaccinations and restrictions.

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  • Germany will join the party

    Germany on Tuesday inched closer to mandatory coronavirus vaccines after incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz said they were necessary to contain a fierce fourth wave of the pandemic.

    Scholz said he wanted parliament to vote on the matter before the end of the year.

    “Too many people have not got vaccinated,” Scholz told Bild television. Making jabs compulsory is justified “to protect us all”.

    The compulsory vaccinations should be in force “in the beginning of February or March so we must move quickly now,” Scholz said

  • The German authorities plan to tighten anti-coronavirus measures, in particular, to restrict the access of those who have not been ill with COVID-19 and have not been vaccinated to shops while access to grocery stores is temporarily retained. This is stated in the draft resolution drawn up following the meeting of the prime ministers of the federal states, acting Chancellor Angela Merkel and future Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to FOCUS Online.

    List of restrictions:

    • Banning the unvaccinated and non-vaccinated from going to stores (temporary exception for grocery and pharmacies)
    • Those who have not been vaccinated and have not been ill will be able to meet only with their families and with a maximum of two more people.
    • Only people with vaccinations or with certificates of previous illness will be admitted to any events.
    • The number of participants in major events will be limited. If the event is held outdoors, no more than 5,000 people can attend.
    • In schools, masks will be required for students of all grades.
    • The vaccination campaign needs to be expanded to new populations, up to and including infants.
    • Vaccinations will become mandatory for the elderly who live in nursing homes and their staff. In case of refusal, eviction or dismissal will follow.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev can you give me an exact source for the last bullet point „Funding for riot control units will be sharply increased, as well as a massive purchase of equipment to disperse riots.” Thanks. I couldn't find it here

  • @radikalfilm

    It seems like information source on this point is different from original Focus article, need to look further.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks, I will wait. I manage a "resistence" page with quite some followers, and my audience demands fact-checked sources. Worse, when they can't accept the news they deem them fake, or that I'm sold to Russian interests lol. That's when I slap them with first-tier sources and silence them :) So many still aren't willing to see what's going on, it's mass psychosis.

  • @radikalfilm

    Wow, issue here can be that exactly Russian source can be wrong. For now I removed this last bullet point until I find German source.

  • The Canadian federal government announced that it will pump millions more into its “voluntary” COVID isolation site program to “help” temporary foreign workers forced to isolate as well build a new virus camp.

    Canadian Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos said in a press release last Friday that more than $5 million will be provided for COVID sites and programs in the province of British Columbia through “Canada’s Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program.”

    “Helping people to self-isolate when they don’t have the means to do so where they live is an important way to protect Canadians from COVID-19,” Duclos claimed.

  • On segregation

    Deputies and employees of the State Duma apparatus may not present QR codes to work in the building of the chamber, since the collective immunity of deputies today reaches 94%, and employees of the apparatus - 99%. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced this on Tuesday.

    "We have one deputy who is sick with covid ... Today, the level of collective immunity of State Duma deputies is 94%," Volodin stressed. The leader in terms of vaccination and the presence of antibodies is the Liberal Democratic Party faction, followed by the United Russia faction, followed by the A Just Russia - For Truth and the Communist Party faction, and the New People faction closes the list.

    "As for the collective immunity of staff members - 99%. That is why now, when working out the issue of QR codes and, accordingly, the need to carry out certain events related to visiting the State Duma, we, as for the State Duma deputies and staff members, taking into account the results, draw them outside the scope of this requirement. Because we either have been ill and have antibodies, or have been vaccinated, " Volodin said.

    Guys who make stupid rules don't want to follow them.

  • From February 2022, Austrian citizens will face a fine for not being vaccinated against coronavirus, according to the Swiss television channel SRF. The corresponding bill has already been presented and received the support of four out of five parties in parliament. The fine is € 3,600. Children under 14 years of age, pregnant women who have been ill no more than 180 days ago, as well as those who can present a medical opinion on contraindications are exempted from compulsory vaccination.

  • Google employees who haven’t been vaccinated could be put on forced leave and then let go from the company if they fail to follow its COVID-19 rules, according to an internal memo.

    Google gave its employees (most are remote working!) until December 3rd to upload proof of vaccination. Anyone who doesn’t do either of those things by January 13th will be placed on a 30-day paid administrative leave. If they’re still not in compliance after the 30 days, they will face unpaid leave for up to six months and then be terminated.

    Note how corporation can now decide that are you doing at HOME!

  • Fascism in Mordor

    Rospotrebnadzor is studying the possibility of introducing fines for anyone refusing to vaccinate. This was stated by the head of the department Anna Popova on the air of the TV channel "Russia 1".

    According to her, the service is now considering the experience of different countries in this regard.

    "Let's see how effective and applicable it is," said the head of Rospotrebnadzor.

  • As reported by Der Spiegel, “Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) fears that the number of infections will rise sharply due to the new Omicron virus variant. “I assume a massive fifth wave,” said Lauterbach when visiting a vaccination center in Hanover.

    Lauterbach further declared “**We have to assume that the wave of Omicron that we are facing, which in my opinion we cannot prevent, will be a massive challenge for our hospitals, for our intensive care units, but also for society as a whole.”

    The health minister further claimed that Omicron cannot be “got under control” with a double vaccination alone.

    “We mustn’t be lulled into a false sense of security,” he said, urging that a “massive booster campaign” is needed “boosting several million people a week”.

    Lauterbach added that he intends to try “by all means” to make the vaccines compulsory.

    This guys won't stop without people using force.

  • Asserting that the bio-security police state will become a permanent fixture, Trent Twomey, National President of the Pharmacy Guild, says Aussies will have to get a COVID booster jab “every six months” if that’s what experts tell them to do.

    “I think booster shots, just like your annual influenza shot [are] something we just need to accept, its [Covid-19] not going to be with us for many weeks and months, it’s going to be with us for many years,” said Twomey.

    The chief pharmacist stressed that in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” by authorities, people would have to get “a periodic inoculation.”

  • Italian fascism

    The decree introducing the vaccination obligation for over 50s provides for a one-off penalty of 100 euros for all those (workers and non-workers) who will not comply with the vaccination obligation starting from February 1, 2022. The sanctions will be imposed by the Revenue Agency , by crossing the data of the resident population with those resulting from the regional or provincial vaccination records.

    Penalties will be from 400 to one thousand euros for those who enter a shop without a Pass - For people who access the services and activities in which it is mandatory to have it without a Green Pass, there is instead a penalty from 400 to one thousand euros. The same provision applies to the person required to check possession of the Pass, if he omits the check. The new Covid decree provides for the obligation of a Green Pass (at least the basic one) from 20 January for access to activities that offer services to the person and from 1 February (or another date, if provided for by the implementing Dpcm) for public offices, post offices, banks and commercial activities (except for those for essential needs).

    Obligation to have a reinforced Green Pass for all workers (public and private) and freelancers aged at least 50 will start from February 15th. From that date, they will be required to possess and exhibit the reinforced Green Pass upon access to the workplace. Therefore, those who are not yet vaccinated today will have to carry out the first dose of the vaccine by January 31 to obtain an enhanced certificate valid from February 15.

    90% of the population over 12 years of age in Italy has received at least one dose of vaccine or has been cured for a maximum of 6 months. This is what the government website reveals about the vaccination campaign.

    It will be endless with more and more new sanctions and fees.

  • Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced that from the beginning of next year, Russia will begin to introduce digital passports (a chip plastic card) at three test sites - in the city of Moscow, the Moscow region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

    Passport will have integrated area special for history of COVID vaccinations and you will be required to constantly carry it with you.

  • A law authorizing the detention and subsequent quarantine in special places of unvaccinated citizens aged five years and older will be considered by the legislature in the US state of Washington.

    The bill stipulates that health workers will be able to issue an immediate arrest warrant with the subsequent placement in a quarantine facility of a person or group of persons who refused to receive vaccinations. Prior to the placement of detainees in a quarantine facility, health workers will be required to provide documents proving that the unvaccinated detainees have indeed rejected "requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, vaccination, decontamination of people or animals, isolation, quarantine, inspection and closure of institutions." ...

    In addition, under this bill, any healthcare professional will have the right to use police officers and other law enforcement officers to arrest disregarding citizens living in Washington state.

  • "The Canadian province of Quebec will charge a health tax to residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19," BBC reports.

    Legault says the amount will be significant and details will be announced in the coming weeks.

    "On Tuesday, the premier announced that it would be the first in the nation to financially penalize the unvaccinated." They are calling it a "health contribution" tax.

    Premier Francois Legault said during a news conference that people who have not received their first dose of vaccine will have to pay a "contribution".

    The fee has not yet been decided, but will be "significant", he said.

    "I think right now it's a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifices," Mr Legault said. "I think we owe them this kind of measure."

  • Chinese message to citizens (that is full of tracking info):

    Persons who could intersect with the sick person must immediately report on their own possible contacts with her, and also agree to undergo quarantine in a special center, or at home, with health monitoring and PCR tests.

    The person with the confirmed case of infection was in the following places:

    On January 1, 2022, at 12:00 pm, she had lunch at a restaurant, at 3:00 pm she took the subway to the Temple, from where she left at 3:50 pm and went to the shopping center.

    In the shopping center on the minus ground floor, she visited the Lane Crawford store, then bought coffee at the Gray Box cafe and visited the Ole supermarket. At 17:49 she went down to the subway. At 6:26 p.m., she took bus 623 and got off at the Xianghuangqi stop, from where returned home.

    ... Next follow complete data on the movements, from January 2-14, indicating the exact time and locations where the girl was.

    On January 14, she took a taxi to the PCR testing center. She returned home from the center, from where she subsequently did not leave, being in quarantine.

  • On Monday, Quebec's draconian new vaccine passport law for unvaccinated people went into effect. Unvaxxed people will be denied entry to big-box retailers unless they shop for food or visit the pharmacy. Even then, they will be under the supervision of an employee (to make sure they don't buy anything else).


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  • Trucker strike in Canada against rising fascism

    Cars left from British Columbia on Sunday. On Monday they were joined by drivers from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. By Tuesday evening, the cars had reached Ontario. According to the most conservative estimates, the column passing through the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, reached 70 km. On January 26, Ontario drivers will join the vehicles coming from the west. On January 27, columns leave Nova Scotia and New Brunstwick - the cities of St. Johns, Moncton, Enfield, Fredericton, Edmundston.

    On January 27th, drivers in Quebec and nearby areas of Ontario will join the action.

    Newfoundland confirmed that they managed to find the ferries and they will also take part in the action.

    On January 29 at 12:00 a strike will begin at the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. According to the latest forecasts, trucks and accompanying vehicles will stretch for several kilometers around the city.

    About 10,000 cars from the US states of South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, California are going to come to Canada to participate in the rally. If the cars are not allowed to cross the border, they plan to picket at the border.

  • Mordor: Everyone must be shaking sitting home and voting remotely

    State Duma deputies approved a bill on unified rules for conducting remote electrode voting in all regions of Russia and at elections at all levels.

    According to the text of the bill, remote electronic voting in elections of all levels in Russia will take place only using GAS "Vybory" or other certified state information systems. At the same time, it is assumed that the DEG can be carried out using certified regional state information systems (for example, such a system has existed in Moscow since 2019). The requirements for such information systems for the DEG will be established by the Central Election Commission.

  • Canada updates

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left his residence in Ottawa for security reasons and traveled with his family to an undisclosed location.

    True warrior, sorry, enemy of the people.

  • IMHO, all of these leaders of nations are shills for big pharma and a large global agenda. Not to be trusted, but rather questioned.

  • From February 2, St. Petersburg introduces a ban on minors visiting cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments, as well as any stores other than food and pharmacies. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

    New ideas.