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GoPro Hero 10 ("X") topic
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  • New Quick update.


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  • GetHypoxic:

    "With this said, I'm very skeptical about the reliability of this camera being this is the first 64bit architecture camera GoPro has launched. Their entire 32bit code base was converted for this new processor, and I'm sure there are bugs they have not caught on the conversion. It's difficult converting a 32bit embedded code base that has maturing for 6 to 7 years to a 64bit architecture. "

  • Pricing:

    Adorama -> $499.99

    Elkjøp (Norway) -> NOK 5799,-

  • Product Design
    To commemorate this milestone camera and its revolutionary new GP2 engine, HERO10 Black has a special GoPro Cyan Blue logo on the front and a matching HERO10 Black logo on the side. This also helps it stand out from HERO9 Black, which shares the same form factor. HERO10 Black is completely compatible with all HERO9 Black Mods and accessories.


  • The cost is $399 with free shipping and free one-year subscription that provides accessory discounts, accident protection, and cloud storage when ordered from directly.

  • @markr041

    Subscription is not free. It's separately charged. Unless your are in a continued subscription deal.

  • Overheating issues reported by reviewers.


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  • $399 includes free new subscription. Positively, certainly, no doubt, confirmed, completely true. You pay a total of only $399 ordered from if you choose the subscription. Or, if you do not want the free subscription, or because you believe the subscription is not free and Trump won the election, you can pay$499.

  • @markr041 @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    So when i bought the Hero9 I was charged like USD 50 extra for the subscription. This is running until december 2021. Then I have to fork out another USD 50 to continue my subscription.

    I live in Norway. There was no free subscription here. And still is not.

  • The max lens mod is not compatible with the Hero10 with the initial launch firmware.

    There is promise of a post launch firmware sometime in NOVEMBER 2021 which will add this as well as unlock new framerates/resolutions.

    Also the new remote is not listed as compatible with the ten.


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  • @EspenB Thanks for the clarification. Here in the US I had bought the 9 with free subscription, ending today! Paid $349 total. Today I bought the 10, with a free subscription renewal for $399, total. I liked visiting Norway, but everything is expensive!

  • @EspenB

    In Russia they went out of their mind - Hero 10 official price is $689.

    They are greedy as shit.

  • @markr041

    I recall the same discussion about the included free subscription last year. As I was separately charged the 50 buck for the subscription I never understood the "free subscription" claim. I'll update if there appears to be a change in the system.

    As noted in the GoPro PR:

    "Existing GoPro subscribers can purchase a value-added HERO10 Black + Accessory Bundle at subscriber-exclusive $399.99 pricing on, representing subscriber savings of $150. The accessory bundle includes an extension grip with tripod, a magnetic clip mount, a spare battery plus a 32GB SD card."

    So I still have my initial subscription after the Hero9 purchase in december 2020 and paid the USD400 + VAT (total like 500 USD) for the Hero10 bonus package with the two mounts and spare battery.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Official retailer to customer pricing in Norway is NOK 5799,- which basically is USD 672.

    (Still a note on the VAT in Norway which is 25 per cent for electronics.)

    So price is same as in Russia.

    There is not a good deal to get the camera from any other source than

    The direct from GoPro prices are listed as:

    NOK 4,899.00 (subscribers) NOK 6,288.00 (non subscribers) - which is even higher than the retailer pricing of NOK 5799,-

    I guess the insane non subscriber pricing is made to make the retailer pricing lower than the official direct GoPro pricing.

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  • Comparison with Insta360 R1