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China: Loongson CPUs are made for consumer and match AMD Ryzen 1500x performance
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    The Chinese company Loongson has formally introduced the 3A5000 / LS3A5000 processor, built on its own proprietary LoongArch architecture. The product is intended for use in personal computers for the consumer market.

    The chip provides 50% better performance over the previous generation LS3A4000 solution. At the same time, energy consumption has decreased by about 30%.

    The 3A5000 / LS3A5000 processor contains four processing cores operating at 2.3-2.5 GHz. Each core combines four arithmetic logic units (ALU) and two 256-bit blocks to handle vector operations. LoongArch GS464V instruction set used.

    The processor provides approximately the same level of performance as the first generation AMD Ryzen processors. In order to reduce power consumption, the means of dynamic control of frequency and voltage have been implemented. In addition, the product is able to dynamically disconnect unused blocks.

    The new chip contains two DDR4-3200 memory controllers with ECC support and four HyperTransport 3.0 controllers. In addition, support for Chinese encryption standards SM2, SM3 and SM4 has been implemented.

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  • According to ITHome, Loongson is also launching the first LoongArch chip designed for servers. the Loongson 3C5000L is basically a bundle of four 3A5000 processors that work together as a 16-core chip to deliver stronger performance for cloud computing and data center applications.

  • This is real dangerous for intel and AMD Wait like…3 years and it will be mayor trouble.

  • I believe this is built off the branch of an AMD licensed 1st Gen Ryzen. Hence, first Gen ryzen like performance…

  • @bannedindv

    No, it is not x86 processor at all.

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