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Covid-19: Is this the end of film, series and soap operas production?
  • The production of soap operas is stopped in my country. Television stations are replaying old soap operas. Several artists were infected here, so even if production starts again it will have to be stopped if someone in the cast gets infected.

    In the United States, Hollywood film production studios are at a standstill.

    The coronavirus already has three new mutations that may be resistant to vaccines.

    Will it be the end of dramatic art production?

    Or what would be the solution to continue producing films, series and soap operas even if the vaccines are not fully effective?

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  • On a somewhat related topic: does anyone know of this one paid website that allows for high quality classical music streaming videos. I believe its based somewhere in Europe and pre-covid the site allowed for virtual attendance to live orchestras, but also pre-recorded events. I lost my bookmark somehow, and been thinking of acquiring a higher end sound system for this purpose.

  • @theusualeditor

    You better ask @DrDave , he must know such thing.

  • There are a bunch of pay per view sites for classical music...orchestras and operas. The quality varies, I mean there's better stuff on YouTube but of course you have to dig for it.

  • @apefos hard to say that these guys are what keeps "dramatic art production" alive. Even in the view of the regulatory comitee, who is deeply lobyed by them and expend time punching holes to fake indie policies, they are stated to be... not so effective.

    thing is most people find rice going 120% up is better dramatic material than what the guy who is son of the big banker is doing for leisure, or the usual loud guy who brag some lefty thing with major disconect and uses half the trainees pay to buy coca.

    as for the TV studios here stoping production, it's cheaper when you dont employ anyone but keeps the same profit.

  • I don't really care for modern media so I haven't noticed much. Network TV is making shows and pro wrestling and sports continue

  • @robertGL @RoadsidePicnic

    So let me change the question: will the covid19 be the end of indie, independent and amateur film production? If people cannot be close to each other without masks so it is impossible to make a movie?

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  • with TikTok i do not need soaps

  • @mitkoo

    With Tiktok you also do not need your brain, handy :-)

  • When something has no solution it is better to turn it into comedy than to suffer ...

  • @apefos, as all things in life, everything comes to an end.

    The real question would be, could we be alive when this covid ends so we see again people without masks?

    For me this covid has inspired more than less in my creativity, and i realize we are in one hell of a time to be alive and film how it was with pandemics. Risky but real.

  • @apefos Hmm I guess the virus will eventually go away but it seems like society is may be approaching some grand cultural (and environmental?) bottleneck but hopefully not. I'm now 43 and I always had the silly dream of making movies or at least a movie but I'm pretty cynical at this point. I feel like I don't even have an audience to relate to anymore - how could a classic movie like 'rear window' have an audience once all of the boomers die off and go blind and deaf? Right now I'm mostly interested in greatly increasing my bank account if possible (playing the stock market). To paraphrase the quote from the movie 'Strange Days,' everything has already been done so it's all downhill from here. Apologies for the dark outlook

  • @robertGL

    Virus won't go away, as in last 2 years ruling class learned how to make viruses fast due to big progress.

    but it seems like society is may be approaching some grand cultural (and environmental?) bottleneck

    It is final capitalism collapse, that did not happen long time ago due to exponential resource availability. Now this came to an end, and capitalism also - monopolization becomes staggering. Only silently kept information that owners who make key decisions is now same for remaining 2-4 competitors still keep things going.

    We already have tight monopolies who become less and less restricted each month and soon monsters will show their face at full.