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Panasonic GM1 official topic
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  • Hi, I have the Australian version of this little guy which I'm pretty sure had no recording limit for video. I did the pal->NTSC trick to try out 30fps for smoother motion. But it also introduced the 29min record limit. Switched back to PAL and the limit is still there. Doh!! Anyone know how I could return to original AU state? Hoping to use this as a locked off extra angle for events and stuff. Thanks in advance.

  • But it also introduced the 29min record limit. Switched back to PAL and the limit is still there.

    This thing sounds impossible. Until Panasonic did some weird thing.

    I think limit is just hard encoded.

  • Yeah, I can't remember exactly if it had the limit before. But did notice earlier in this thread some people had a version without the limit. And all my other Panasonic gear here in Australia hasn't had limits. Ah well, just have to buy something new! GX85 looks nice.

  • Revisiting this thread in January of 2020. I just got a GM1, updated the stock firmware. I put in a Samsung 64GB card, set for 24fps AVCHD, full HD - set it in movie mode - hit record. It blew right past the 30 minute mark. It generated 2 files in total. First file went about 25.5 minutes and created a single 4.29Gb file, then kept going another 22+ minutes (3.8Gb) until new (uncharged) battery almost ran out. It's an American version of the camera, I didn't do anything unusual to it. And it appears to record for as long as the battery lasts. Even on the screen where it shows remaining or available record time, it shows 5hr 54m.

    I wonder why it does this when so many report that it won't.


  • I did just notice that if in MP4 mode, there are limits of 29:59 or less. But AVCHD, no limit on mine.

  • No time limit on mine. Also you can hack the time limit. As lovely as the camera is, it isn't 4K.

  • It is cool. But it is dated.

  • @DrDave

    What exactly "dated" means? :-) If it fits the purpose it is superb.

    For most people Samsung NX300 kit is not dated also :-)

  • I still have mine! The later sensors are better, it doesn't have 4K, auto white balance, autofocus, IS &c are all dated. But I still have mine because with the 14mm pancake it fits in a pocket.
    OTOH, so does my phone...........

  • I just sold mine because a friend needed a second camera and was willing to shoot 1080p. I was not using it. I prefer the Olympus OM-EM5 miii for a small compact light weight camera as it shoot 4K and better auto focus.

    I used the GM1 for my Glidecam camera but I sold that as well. With a tiny lens it could not be beat for small size. Speaking of tiny lenses, the 12-32 kit lens OIS started acting up and later fell apart.