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GH2 Bundle by Apefos, complete solution for GH2
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  • NeatVideo denoise presets and profiles for Extended Tele Conversion mode, 1080p and 720p:
  • Hey @apefos, finally got around and I'll try NR4 stable today, thanks in advance for all the work that went in there.

  • @MrZz waiting to read about your conclusions using The End NR4. Thanks.

  • NeatVideo4 DeNoise Presets and Profiles for GH2 MJPEG 30p FullHD Recording Mode (Hacked)
  • NeatVideo4 DeNoise Presets and Profiles for GH2 MJPEG 30p FullHD Recording Mode (Hacked) iso 5000 and above up to 12800
  • GH2 TheEndNR4 MJPEG Iso 6400 NeatVideo No Grading:

  • Panasonic GH2 30p

    GH2 TheEndNR4 Stable Hack
    30p four methods compared
    No Grading

    1 - SH 720p60 inside 30p timeline
    upscaled to FHD with GPUResize plugin (Kaiser + StairStep)
    Good results without significant aliasing using GPUresize
    less resolution compared to the other methods

    2 - MJPEG 30p hacked to Full HD
    Great results without significant aliasing
    More resolution compared to SH
    A little less resolution compared to VMM 80%, 24p and HBR
    Can intercut pretty good with 720p60 upscaled when using SH for slow motion

    3 - Variable Movie Mode (VMM) 80% conformed to 30p
    Excelent fine resolution
    same quality as 24p, 24H or 24L
    A little more aliasing compared to MJPEG
    No sound, need to use sound sync with external recording

    4 - HBR 30p High Bit Rate
    Same resolution as VMM and 24p, 24H and 24L
    Same aliasing as VMM and 24p, 24H and 24L
    A little less details in shadow areas compared to VMM 80%, 24p and MJPEG
    Need to interpret as progressive before put in progressive timeline to avoid aliasing increase
    Some people say HBR is full of heavy and ugly aliasing, but after conform to progressive the problem is solved

  • This settings bellow camera is freezing in hbr
  • I did a try to increase the datarate of HBR but the câmera freeze in some situations. I compared the footage in 49mbps and 61mbps but both havê less details in shadow compared to 24p and mjpeg. It seems that the encoding does some kind of noise reduction in HBR because in ISO 2000 it does not show noise. The bad is less details, the good is a clean imagem. Só It does not worth the effort to increase the datarate because it does not change the look.

  • @apefos i just bought my first camera and its the gh2 im trying your hack but i dont know how to install all the patches. can you help me with this? all i know is go to ptool then patch the v11 firmware but i dont know how to put the denoise patch combined with the "the end" patch

  • @jhamiis you just need to go to this post (GH2 Bundle 08-27-2017) and after download the patch load the setj in ptools

  • this stable GH2 hack is for people who needs 30p 1080p

    Hack name is: Simple30


    good quality HBR 30p 1080p, good quality 720p 60p for slow motion, good quality MJPEG 1080p 30p

    features and details:

    HBR 30p 1080p up to 36Mbps maximum (in low light and high iso it can be 36Mbps maximum, in good light low iso the datarate can be lower but quality is good)

    720p 60p up to 36Mbps maximum (in low light and high iso it can be 36Mbps maximum, in good light low iso the datarate can be lower but quality is good)

    MJPEG 30p 100Mbps (it is set to 1940x1080 and you can let it crop 10 pixels in each side in the 1920x1080 timeline to keep the same aspect ratio of 720p 60p for good intercut between them)

    iso can be used up to 12800, recomended maximum good quality iso is 4000, great quality iso is up to 1600

    works good with neatvideo noise reduction, but it is optional because the texture is good looking

    FSH/SH = 36Mbps

    FH/H = 32Mbps

    24H = 36Mbps

    24L = 32Mbps

    24p can be used and quality is good

    audio is original factory settings, no audio hacks

    Spanning was not tested

    tests was done with 14-42mm kit lens in: manual exposure, ois lens stabilization enabled, manual white balance, autofocus in AFS (not continuous, continous off), autofocus done with half press shutter before start recording and sometimes during recording, idynamic disabled, iresolution disabled, teleconverter off, mic level 4, mic level display on, rec highlight on, metering mode multiple.

    a second test was done in HBR 30p 1080p and also in SH 60p 720p with kit lens, auto exposure P, auto iso, auto white balance, AFC autofocus with continous autofocus, ois lens stabilization enabled and it works ok in low light and good light.

    card used for tests: sandisk extreme sdhc 45MBps U1 C10 32GB

    to avoid the diagonal rain pulsing pattern when editing use the preview/program monitor window in 100% size and in full quality
  • The hack "Simple30" worked ok in the deathcharts video in HBR and in SH with kit lens with all features in manual mode and ois disabled.

    This hack "Simple30" is best suited for situations like fiction where you can repeat the scene in case the camera crashes. It is not suitable for events such as weddings where you cannot repeat the scene.

    The main tip is: if you are in a quiet scene without movements you can use all automatic features and also ois lens stabilization. When you are in a situation with lots of camera movements or lots of movements inside the scene action then use all features in manual mode and try ois stabilization on or off.

    The main goal of the "Simple30" hack is to get the best possible HBR 30p so the camera operator needs to deal with the automatic/manual features to avoid camera freeze, this way this hack can keep a great quality using 36Mbps.

    When the camera freezes I just remove the battery and insert it again and the file is corrupted. But the files recorded before and after the corrupted file in the same card are usable in my tests.

    A second version called "Simple30L" (L=low) was developed to use ois lens stabilization in HBR 30p. It is 24H, HBR, FSH, SH = 32Mbps/24L, FH, H = 28Mbps. It works ok in the deathchart video in HBR 30p with OIS enabled and other features in manual mode.

    I will keep the "Simple30L" in my GH2 because HBR 30p quality is pretty good and it is stable enough. Also MJPEG 30p is good. SH 720p 60p is good enough for slow motion. TheEndNR4 is better for 24p and 60p but I will go with 30p, so 24p is not important now, and "Simple30L" is good enough in 60p.