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shutter operation on still camera vs video camera
  • This question comes about as I use my GH1 in still mode and movie mode. My question is, does the shutter mechanism work differently in the 2 modes? In the still mode I hear and feel a distinctive chunk that I am guessing is a real mechanical shutter opening and closing. Is that correct?
    However, in video mode no noise is made so I have to assume that some kind electronic exposure scheme is operating? Is there a reason that the electronic shutter mechanism is not used in still mode? I am guessing that to get the pixel densities for still mode a mechanical shutter is still required but for movies at lower res and lower shutter speeds it is not required?
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  • You can try to Google the answer.
    It is all quite simple, mechanical shutter is still very effective solution.
    In video mode sensor is readed sequentally, hence the dreaded rolling shutter.
    In still mode sensor is exposed, and after this actual readout happens with light blocked.
  • tks that makes sense. So in video mode the effective shutter speed is slower since the image data must be sequentially shifted out while the image is still there. OK, I will wikipedia it and may have some better questions later. :)

  • so no jello effect in stills?
  • @fatpig, that's correct.