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MAGA: Bad things happen with white supremacists
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    Working middle class white minority is now most oppressed of them all :-)

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  • I'm curious. How do you count white ? Obama is half white-half black. He counts as black. So, if someone marries outside the white race, they may identify as white but be counted as other.

  • @zcream

    You better ask US statistic department.

    As far as I understand it all depends on self identification now. You can be black and feel like white :-)

    But on serious note - we have change of culture now and lot of this change is regressive. Not because any race is inferior, but because lot of Hispanic come from peasants families, same is true for Chinese, plus education level is usually lower.

    So, while lot of people attribute "total control" society to tech stuff, in reality it is more related on the distance from peasants (if people had been peasants or it is their children now, first generation) who have petty bourgeoisie state of mind.

    Petty bourgeoisie loves total control and determination, with farther figures on top.

  • You think farmers are stupid ? Is that a general communist attitude and the reason why land ownership is abolished under a communist state?

  • @zcream

    You think farmers are stupid ? Is that a general communist attitude and the reason why land ownership is abolished under a communist state?

    May be you think so, but not communists :-)

    We did not talk about farmers here (in US understanding of farmers).

    People I talked about have petty bourgeoisie state of mind, not that they are stupid or anything like this.

  • Newly released statistics from the US Department of Labor for the third quarter of 2020 undermine this narrative. Asian women have now surpassed white men in weekly earnings. That trend has been consistent throughout this past year—an unprecedented outcome. Full-time working Asian women earned $1,224 in median weekly earnings in the third quarter of this year compared to $1,122 earned by their white male counterparts.


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  • And Clinton promise much more bad things:

    In her new book, Caste, Isabel Wilkerson asks historian Taylor Branch: “If people could choose between democracy and white, how many would choose white and notorious white culture? " Wednesday's events reminded us of an unpleasant truth: there are Americans who would choose white skin, and there are more of them than many want to believe.

    A good tub of cold water on our heads was the fact that many were not at all surprised by what happened last week. In particular, blacks and non-white people in general were not surprised, because in American history they had already seen a cruel crowd with Confederate flags and hanging loops. Think about what we faced in June when the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters peacefully protested in Place Lafayette were greeted with tear gas by federal security forces. If the first step to healing and unity is honesty, then you start by recognizing that these events are part of who we are.

    It is very important to remove Trump from the position he was in. Unfortunately, elected. I think he needs to be impeached. Members of Congress who helped him undermine democracy must all resign regardless of what constituents think of them. And those who colluded with domestic terrorists must be fired immediately. However, this alone will not rid America of white supremacy and extremism. There are changes that elected leaders must address immediately, including introducing new criminal liability laws at both the state and state levels. These laws should make it a crime to adhere to the theory of white supremacy. Under these laws, it will be necessary to track the activities of extremists like those who broke into the Capitol. Twitter and other companies have made the right decision to prevent Trump from continuing to use their platforms. However, they will have to do more to stop violent speech and conspiracy theories from spreading.

    The Biden administration will need to deal with this crisis in all its complexity and magnitude. She will have to hold Internet platforms accountable, punish everyone who violated our laws in court. and publish more information and analysis on domestic terrorism.

    This is speech of racist and fascist, actually. Just this racist want to punish white people.

  • Let's just imagine that the author of an article about "the genetic superiority of whites over blacks in physical, mental and spiritual terms due to the increased content of melanin in the latter" becomes the adviser to the US president on civil rights.

    We cannot imagine such a thing - but in vain, because Kristen Clarke, the author of an article on the genetic superiority of blacks over whites "in physical, mental and spiritual terms" due to the low content of melanin in the latter, will be the civil rights adviser to President Biden.

  • And for conservative supremacists even more bad thing coming:

    A specialist from Stanford University has developed a facial recognition algorithm that can supposedly determine whether a person is liberal or conservative, just from a photograph. An article describing the algorithm was published by the scientific journal Nature.

    To train the algorithm, psychologist from Stanford University (USA) Michael Kosinski used images of more than a million people from the USA, Canada and the UK (including about 350 thousand people of non-Caucasian race), as well as data on their gender, age and political views. The researcher took photos from their Facebook profiles, as well as from an unnamed online dating service.

    After analyzing all these images, the algorithm has identified about 2,000 features by which it is possible to determine whether the photograph is a liberal or a conservative. According to Kosinski, his development has learned to determine the political orientation of a person with an accuracy of 72%. The scientist hopes that his algorithm will be able to work not only with residents of the USA, Canada and the UK, but also other countries.

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  • Cellphone towers are being increasingly targeted by conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists who wish to “incite fear, disrupt essential services, and cause economic damage,” according to an internal New York Police Department report seen by The Intercept.

    US police and bureaucracy lately broke all limits of idiocy.

    I won't be surprised that 98% of all cell towers groups are being run by government sponsored people. As level here is similar to discussing Kim Kardashian - and this one is clearly totally sponsored and organized by government and ruling class.

    Under idiocy this guys want to hide real questions about huge power and very wide spectrum of new 5G towers and total lack of research.

  • What happens in EU


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  • My qualified and supremely trained heterosexual white male graduate students (and I’ve had many others, by the way) face a negligible chance of being offered university research positions, despite stellar scientific dossiers. This is partly because of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity mandates (my preferred acronym: DIE).