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GH2 in 24p: noticeable "strobe effect" with any motion in frame?
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  • @thankyou Shoot it at 1/30. I shoot everything at that now and it looks great. The blur looks like film. 1/50th kills me now. Just try and see. I have no idea why people are set on shooting at 1/50th here.

  • @vicharris Very interesting re 1/30 vs 1/50. Will have to test myself. Are you getting good results for shots where 1) subject is moving and camera is on tripod 2) where cam is moving and subject is stationary, and 3) where both subject and camers are moving? In other words, any situations that give you trouble when using 1/30. Thanks

  • @matt_gh2 So far the only place it's come back to bite me on the ass is on a car shot I did. I had the camera on the front of the hood looking back with the SLR Magic 12mm and got some pretty bad rolling shutter. I knew it might happen but I needed the extra stops shooting with only street lighting at night. Looking back I should have shot it at 720p 60 and jacked up the ISO and clean it up in post. Learning lesson I guess. I don't mind the motion blur. The look of 1/50th shutter is ridiculous to me. Maybe 1/40th but I love the 30. On that PSA I was working on we did a scene with a guy running buy camera after a bus and I panned with him, tracking him. Looked fine to me. Looked like it does in the movies. Yeah there's motion blur and alot of it but that's what it looks like. Thanks for the test grade btw! Forgot to tell ya that.

  • Very cool - will definitely be running my tests with 1/30 - great suggestion.

  • I'll PM you the PSA on Vimeo so you can see what it all looks like. It's still a working edit. :)

  • I have strobing/judder on the bmc, it's WAY more visible then on the gh2, i'm not sure whats going on but 24p handheld is nearly impossile due to strobing accuring.

  • I have tried many settings and hacks, but the strobing/judder refuses to go away. Even without the hacks, the result is the same. settings: 24h , 1/30th ISO 1250, cinema mode. take a look:

  • @falconking

    Thanks for contributing one of the few videos along with settings for that judder look we all know and love ;-)

  • It's very simple. Try taking a photo of a falling object with a flash in strobe mode. The same effect. At settings of 25 fps, 1/50, double exposure occurs, as the frame is exposed twice. So we see a double contour. Either lower the shutter or on the post use RSMB plugin or something similar.