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Happy New 2021 Year!
  • I am sure we'll remember 2020 as calmest and nicest year, but things coming are still fun as any huge movement in society!

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  • This is the best video you’ve ever posted

    Happy new year PV community !!!! Fuck 2020 , get ready for a heavy 2021. Survivors are welcome, be smart eater and expender.

    Write all your expenses this year and constantly update minimum 3 times a day. Don’t promise anything on 2021. Love and let live.

    love all community here, is very smart and very acid. No stupid person arround make you learn.

    The best wishes for vitaliy and a thanks for constant support even though I’m mad.

    I want my PV snow!!

    Happy new year!!!

  • Happy New Year 2021! May your closets be full of new lenses and camera gear, and creative projects with people not wearing face masks! Some snow...

  • Happy New Year PV

  • happy new year - hope everybody on the board gets rich