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Bad design: Sharp Microwaves you can speak to
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    Sharp made first Alexa-capable microwaves, the mid-size SMC1139FS and the larger SMC1449FS. Both ovens will take the expected voice commands from Alexa devices for tasks like defrosting meat, but they’re also uniquely tuned for Orville Redenbacher popcorn. Ask Amazon’s helper to “microwave classic popcorn” and a standard bag should be ready for your next at-home movie.

    The range of commands varies based on the model. While the base model has roughly 30 voice commands and 10 more voice-only presets, the larger SMC1449FS has over 70 commands and about 50 voice-only presets for food ranging from broccoli to chicken wings. You shouldn’t be left scrambling if you don’t have microwave cooking instructions, at least with the bigger version.

    It seems like this guys did not learn a dime.

    In good microwave three things matter:

    1. Big start button with +30 second function, easy to clean panel, it must not move and must not click (as it'll be dirt of it'll wear out).
    2. Big stop button with time reset on second press
    3. Big nice glowing timer screen, preferably green visible from any angle, even 89 degrees, not LCD

    And almost forgot - it must be build like a tank, and not like modern shite.

    Can check some top of the line Samsung microwaves 10-17 years ago.

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  • I just hate microwave designs, they are so stupid. First of all, they should all have a few custom buttons like a camera. And yes, you should just be able to turn it on with one button with an automatic timer for short tasks.

  • Almost forgot, this Sharp also has idiotic opening system modern designers invented. It is very bad and always breaks. I mean pushing on this small rectangle.

    This is how my old monster thingy look (got it as not properly working and fixed many years ago).


    Btw for custom things the universal voice assistant integration can be good option. But universal, and not like some specific Alexa only.

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  • +30 button or why we need to start killing stupid presstitutes



    the “add 30 seconds” button is a crack in the cold digital armor of the microwave, an area of control that lets users go beyond their allotted time, to sneak in a few more seconds to achieve the perfect results. It’s a reminder that life isn’t always exact or predictable, and that time is on your side.

    New invention by idiots. Guys, original start+30 sec had been made to set any time you want, yes, setting even 10 minutes is almost instant if it is proper button. Not to just add +30 seconds as you write not understanding how real people use microwave.

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