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Z-Cam E2 Hacks Development Started
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  • Hello, can you boost the WiFi output power for having reliable connection ?

  • No news, good news ? :-)

  • Sorry true longer afk

    About the e2 hack: I'm afraid there won't be much more to get out of the sensor,

    because jason is driven with a whip for marketing reasons, the sensors and chips to the limit.

    Growing dead pixels are becoming more common, especially among people who film a lot with 120FPS and 150FPS.

    The problem is known from the area of ​​PC overclocking "electron migration"

    Other manufacturers BM / Panasonic prefer to go the way of long-term reliability stability, thanks to active cooling (already had the BMPCC 10 years ago)

    BM removed the global shutter from the operating system of my BMMCC shortly before it appeared because the GS mode had placed too much load on the sensor, which resulted in the dead pixels growing significantly

    Has one of you heard of problems with dead pixels at BM or panasonic?

    Zcam fixes dead pixels with a sensor calibration that is part of the noise reduction you can found it in Zcam Facebook site

    If dead pixels appear ... they disappear as if by magic during the sensor calibration.

    I came across it while researching the cooling of the Zcam cameras

    Dead pixels ... thermal noise ... the 3d noise reduction bends it all out

  • @Bob_Hawk

    Watch this:

    According to this document, we know:

    • It's possible to get 350 FPS 1280x720 in 12 BIT from Z-CAM E2! (watch Readout mode 9)
    • Z-CAM E2 4K 160 fps 10 BIT mode seems like true 4K (watch Readout mode 2)
  • Is it possible to boost the video transmitter 2.4ghz of the Z-cam E2 ?

  • @Bob_Hawk, interesting.... now we know why Panasonic/BMD doesn't drive their "identical" GH5S sensors as hard (no FPS above 4K 60) as Z Cam does, because they don't want to deal with all the dead pixels that would result from long term usage.

  • @IronFilm and @Bob_Hawk

    Guys, firstly, IMX299 (in E2) and IMX294 (in GH5s) are different sensors.

    Secondly, please, read specifications. IMX299 supports even 350 fps in HD mode. Z-CAM DO NOT overclock their sensors, all is ok.