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The reason why it is impossible to do double frame rate 60i to 60p deinterlace with some cameras
  • I found a software which can do double frame rate 60i to 60p deinterlace. It is called Avidemux. It uses Yadif Field deinterlace and transform each field in a frame so the 60i footage turns into 60p after deinterlace. The quality is pretty good.

    But after deinterlace 60i footage from Sony Nex-F3 and from GH2 I only got 30p, each two sequential frames are identical in the 60p file. The reason is: the cameras sensor output is only 30p recorded wraped in 60i, so it is impossible to get 60p because there is not 60 different fields in the recorded file, there are only 30 different fields.

    But if you want to transform 60i into 30p the results are pretty good.

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  • QTGMC blows all deinterlacers out of the water, except for maybe the specially licenced ones to private companies' hardware encoders. watch the youtube videos comparing all of them.

  • I am very glad that we no longer have this mess.

    Guys who made all this 30p in 60i are bad guys.

  • QTGMC is better, but it needs to use AviSynth script command prompt and I do not want to deal with that.

    Avidemux and HandBrake both have GUI and are pretty simple to configure.

    Results from Yadif Frame with Spatial and Temporal settings are pretty good in Avidemux.

    Results from DECOMB BOB in HandBrake are pretty good also.

    I prefer using HandBrake because it has a very simple and efficient batch process queue for multiple files and I can save an encoding preset with all settings saved.

    I did a look at 400% zoom after deinterlace and I cannot tell that it was deinterlaced, the interpolation between lines are perfect, looks like real progressive footage.

  • What’s the best 60i camera from back in the day ?

    Just curious - could even be VHS.

  • I got a sony nex-f3 body , a cheap used camera. The price was so low because it was something like to pay for the battery and charger and get the body for free. It is a body that I dont need to care about and use in any situation so it means some freedom. It records 1440x1080 anamorphic 30p and also 1920x1080 30p wrapped in 60i. The 30p frames are not in the same 60i frames, so there is no way to interpret footage as progressive. So I did some research about deinterlace.

  • We still shoot most stuff in the BBC as 1080 50i.

  • @Energy80s At least 422 10-bit. correct? Back when I was in broadcast, it wasn't so much about resolution as it was about bit depth and subsampling. Out of curiosity, one time I calculated it took 16 to 22 re-compression cycles from camera acquisition, until it got to the viewers TV. Those were the days

  • I did a comparison among all deinterlace methods in HandBrake software. There are two methods which are the best options, one for quality, one for speed.

    DeComb EEDI2 (without Bob) is the best image quality. Less aliasing and best missing lines reconstruction. The one which looks more like progressive footage. The problem is: it is very very slow, takes lots of time.

    DeComb Bob (without EEDI2) is the best quality/speed balance. It has a little more aliasing but not disturbing and it is much faster. Best option if you cannot wait longer.