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AKM Factory was on fire, they produce ADC and DACs, including some used in cameras
  • AKM stated in the report that its semiconductor manufacturing plant (production center of the second manufacturing center) in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture had a fire on October 20, and the fire was extinguished on October 24. The fire caused no personal injuries to employees, but the impact of property and business performance is unclear.

    AKM predicts that it will be difficult to resume production and shipment early. Therefore, AKM is cooperating with external parties such as manufacturing contractors to prepare for outsourcing production.

    AKM said that the fire broke out in the second manufacturing department of AKM's production center, which mainly produces analog/digital LSI. In addition, AKM emphasized that its other factories are not affected by the fire, including the manufacturing department of the first production center and the third manufacturing department of the production center.

    Canon, Nikon and Sony have already pulled back support for extra Black Friday promotions ‘as there will be a shortage of stock due to fire in (the) Japan factory,’ according to the source.

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  • the biggest chip supply difficulty encountered by the audio industry over the years,’ wrote Semimedia.

    Since there is no short term solutions and If it’s that bad, and Competitor is really no existent then some one will rise from thin air in China and make it happen.

  • Sony announced supply issues due to part shortage. A6100 and RX0M2 are the first to be impacted.

  • It all looks bad

    Repairing the factory will take at least six months, audio industry is panic buying to ensure manufacturers’ supply chain.



    800 x 596 - 129K
    800 x 595 - 62K
  • In the digital imaging category (Cyber-shot, α, Handycam, Action cam), it is expected that some models will not be able to supply enough to meet the demand due to the problem of parts supply, so it will take a while until the product is delivered. It may take some time.

    [Products that take time to deliver]

    • Digital SLR cameras: α6100 series

    In addition, for certain models with tight supply, we have decided to suspend the acceptance of orders from distributors to us and the acceptance of orders from customers at Sony stores after December 3, 2020. Regarding the resumption of order acceptance, we will consider it while observing the status of parts supply, and will inform you separately on the product information page.

    [Products subject to order suspension]

    • Digital video camera: FDR-AX45, HDR-CX680
    • Action cam: FDR-X3000 / X3000R, HDR-AS300 / AS300R
    • Digital still camera: DSC-RX0M2

    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.