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Xiaomi aka the Monster
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  • EU plans


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  • 5g is stronger and stronger everyday

  • Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition $7,200 USD

    Apart from its futuristic design, Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is also equipped with flagship-level hardware that achieves groundbreaking upgrades in both sound and picture quality.

    Its 55″ transparent OLED panel features a 150000:1 static contrast ratio and an infinite dynamic contrast ratio, offering extra rich blacks and unmatched brightness. Leveraging its DCI-P3 93% color spectrum support, Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is capable of restoring the awe-inspiring colors that bring images to life. Its 10-bit panel displays 1.07 billion color combinations, an extra-wide color spectrum far beyond what the human eye can perceive.

    Not a TV, but an art piece, Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition adopts an aesthetic design that combines a 5.7mm ultra-thin body rectangular screen and a round base, creating an ultra-immersive viewing experience. The base stand is covered with a millimeter-grade finish that resembles compact discs blending perfectly into any surroundings. The TV is perfect not only for homes, but also for galleries, museums, shopping malls, and theaters.

  • My favorite is the inductive rice cooker

  • New 82" 8K TV coming


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  • Smart bands and smart watches



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  • Smartphones are also good

    Worldwide smartphone shipments reached 348 million units in the third quarter of 2020, down a slight 1% on year but up 22% sequentially, according to Canalys. Samsung regained the lead with shipments rising 2% from a year earlier to 80.2 million units, while Huawei slipped into second place with shipments falling 23% to 51.7 million units. Xiaomi took third place for the first time, with shipments surging 45% on year to 47.1 million units.

  • We believe that people are at the core of any innovation. When strengthening our technological expertise, we must always start by finding the best people. Xiaomi's R&D department currently has over 10,000 talented employees. We plan to recruit an additional 5,000 people in 2021, despite the global pandemic. I want to make Xiaomi the dream company of every engineer for the next decade, and we will strengthen our strategy for developing talent and team composition.

  • Doing good on local market


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  • Same things in words

    Xiaomi overtook Apple in phone sales during the third quarter of 2020, climbing from 32.9 million handsets a year earlier (8.5 percent of the market) to 44.4 million (12.1 percent) this summer. Apple gained share, too, but its 40.6 million iPhone sales were a slight dip from 2019.

  • Xiaomi aka the copycat

  • @stonebat

    Are you high today?

    Xiaomi products usually not copy of anything, at least in last 3-4 years I saw none of such.

  • Xiaomi copied Balmuda’s air purifier, fan, and lamp.

  • @stonebat

    Xiaomi copied Balmuda’s air purifier, fan, and lamp.

    Can you post exact comparison photos?

  • @stonebat

    Check the year, 2014. Very very early.

  • Xiaomi’s own air purifier was developed in partnership with a local company it invested in called Zhimi Technology. On Thursday, Zhimi responded by stating that its air purifier was completely different from Balmuda’s in terms of technology and exterior design. Zhimi highlighted the differences between the two products in pictures posted side-by-side. To develop the air purifier, the Chinese firm said it applied for 31 different technology patents relating to the fan and other key components.

    Products including refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners all use a similar exterior look that’s based on mature design concepts, the company said. “We disagree with arguments that say ‘we must be different for the sake of being different,’ or that ‘we need to reinvent the wheel.’” it added.
  • Xiaomi took leading position in the smartphone market in Mordor. This is reported by Counterpoint Research.

    The report says that the share of Xiaomi in the fourth quarter of 2020 in the Mordor market was 31 percent. For comparison, exactly a year ago the company's share was 19.2 percent. The second and third places were taken by Samsung and Apple, which occupied 27 and 15.5 percent of the market, respectively. Below are the Chinese brands Huawei and Realme.

    Analysts noted that Xiaomi took the lead in the Mordor market despite the fact that in the fourth quarter of the year, total smartphone sales in the country fell by 11 percent as orks become poorer.


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  • According to Xiaomi, at the end of 2020, the company had 19 thousand patents in its hands, half of which were obtained in China. In addition, the company has filed over 27,000 trademark applications covering more than 160 countries.

    It is very bad thing, as Xiaomi became one of the leaders going against interests of Chinese people.

    Same thing here is region locks for smart home accessories and cameras, encryption and serialization in all their new smartphones and so on.

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  • The US government has agreed to remove Xiaomi from a Trump administration blacklist after the company filed a lawsuit earlier this year, according to court documents seen by Bloomberg. Xiaomi was added to a US military list of alleged Chinese military companies in January, which would have blocked American investment in the firm

    Rumors are it is because Xiaomi will join Huawei soon in the new sanctions package.