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Panasonic DC-BGH1 m43 Cine camera, stone on Z-CAM grave
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  • Panny still has it. Color is a slam dunk. Low light shooting is possible. AF works at last. My excitement comes from not having seen or touched the GH5S; apparently it's the same color science, yet even better.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev any chance of hacking the firmware to enable higher framerates? Or is the camera performance ultimately limited by the decision to use sdxc cards?

  • Just remember !!! Vitaliy succumbed to the dark force, he now goes under the path of the LAW. Hacking?? what's that? it sounds dangerous, please don't put such things in forums, it is a sacrilege!

    you are the devil, go away! go shu! shu! bringing such ideas here.

  • Duplicate

  • A reason more to me as an amateur to get the bgh1 ...... the better is the good enemy ... too bad Zcam

    the next nail in the zcam coffin

    And then the Bad Blackmagic comes around the corner with a tuned BMPCC with ND filter and swiveling display

  • @Bob_Hawk My ZCam S6 has a 10.5" display that I can take into another room (my tablet) and super electronic ND filter, 6K and plenty of dynamic range, plus anything from H265 to raw, so not missing anything AFAIK. Plus I can use m4/3 and Canon lenses natively. It's like a super35 and m4/3 in one camera.
    Also, from the link you posted, which is not as well done as some of the online videos, the author clearly states "here I see a clear plus for the Z CAM E2 with the internal ProRes 4:2:2 recording"

    Mount: the S6 has a professional swivel clamp mount which is vastly superior to the standard twist and click mount on the Panasonic. If you are using big cinema lenses, you will want definitely want this mount.

    Lastly, in terms of the rolling shutter test, if you want that in the Z cam lineup obviously you want the "G" model. No point in looking at the older models.
    Waiting for the GH6.....

  • @DrDave, i think BGH1 was what GH5 supposed to be, i remember seeing the sketches of this boxed camera years before maybe GH4 years. In paper its a dream camera for 2017. Now it really doesn't matter anymore, any camera with 11 stops or more can make it through almost anything that we can call cinematic. We are spoiled children always asking for more, i dont remember any tool that can make it all, that is any good.

    I think for filmmakers limitations, finally, make the real expression of a solution, so a character can be obtained due to this accumulation of limitations.

    Personally i think Z cam lineup and overall technology is a real achievement for the time they are in playing fields, and if it wasnt for this SoC problems they are now, its very probable that they may en up making the Chinese ARRI alexa with almost no difference in image quality from the German friends, you can see there is true interest in color science and cinematography in their team.

    They are not at the level of panafuck, due to volume and overall scale, never the less, they are making grate products for their low volume and that is alot!

    i think BGH1 is a better product to deal with long term due to its proven electronics, and parts that panafriend uses from and for many products and lineups, so they really know what they are putting inside. Also the sensor is a proven sony starvis maybe from a better lithographic process, ( not really, most probable remaining parts ).

    What this camera lacks is and SDI output, and a top screen for operation a mini previews in IPS LCD for proven long term life. I think also that M4/3 sensor in real life at this point has nothing to prove over Super 35. If we go full frame, that changes. About the ProRes 4:2:2 for me personally, the codec is not the CONTAINER, so h.264 with 400Mbps is very good rate for almost anything these days, not yet for ultra high end cinematography.

    Z cam has several issues which i know has been fixed constantly, and its a very mature product BGH1 doesn't seems to have such issues at lunch day. If RAW could be added to BGH1 well, things would be much much competitive.

    I Think final image wise, Z Cam is winner still, so... As i said before, at this point there is no point on making points, is very much the main limitation as always been,


  • @endotoxic I agree with all your points. But after trying out the cameras the S6 just gives me a lot more creative options, like using both Canon and m43 lenses easily and quickly, or having the 12mm be a m43 12mm in 4K or like a 10mm in in 6K. Plus open gate for cropping in post. Extra height for anamorphic, &c.
    But lots of amazing choices right now, as you say somewhat spoiled. I didn't want to upgrade to the Sony 8K at that price...but I will rent it for the next project.

  • Next week Panasonic will announce a new firmware update for the BGH1 MFT camcorder.

  • DC-BGH1, Ver. 2.0 firmware coming

    24th March release


    • IP streaming with PC (RTP/RTSP protocol)
      • 4K/60p (3840x2160) H.265: 50M, 25Mbps H.264: 50M, 25Mbps
      • 4K/30p (3840x2160) H.265: 25M, 12.5Mbps H.264: 25M, 12.5Mbps
      • FHD/60p (1920x1080) H.265: 20M, 16Mbps H.264: 16M, 8Mbps
      • FHD/30p (1920x1080) H.265: 12M, 6Mbps H.264: 6M, 3Mbps
    • RAW video data output over HDMI function
    • Apple Pro Res RAW can be recorded via Atomos NINJA V
    • V-Log or Rec.709 is selectable on Live View monitor during RAW output.
      • Shooting assist functions including Luminance Spot Meter, Zebra Pattern can be used during RAW output.
      • A LUT (Lookup table) exclusively designed for RAW video recorded on NINJA V is available on the Panasonic customer support website for the same colour grading as V-Log/V-Gamut. It is easy to match colours between footage recorded with Panasonic Varicam, EVA1 and GH5 cameras to combine them.
    • Genlocking status display
      • Synchronization status can be shown on the external monitor connected with HDMI or SDI when the camera is under Genlock synchronization.
    • SD Memory Card formatting via PC connection
      • It is possible to format the SD Memory Card from the camera menu on the live view display of LUMIX Tether while the camera is connected with the PC.
    • Users can choose to add camera orientation information in [Vertical Position Info (Video)] menu to prevent unintended image rotation in playback.
    • Software that supports Apple Pro Res RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with NINJA V.
    730 x 98 - 31K
  • Just like there was a BGH1 that mimicked the GH5S in a boxy format, now there is the S1H in the same form factor as the BGH1:

  • BGH1 Firmware Version 2.3

    1. RAW video data can be output over HDMI to save Blackmagic RAW on the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR.
    2. Added functions
      • [Focus Ring Control] function has been added.
        Compatible lenses: H-XA025, H-ES200, H-E08018, H-X1025, H-HSA12035, H-ES12060, H-FS12060, H-X2550, H-HSA35100, H-FSA45200, H-ES50200, H-FSA100300 and H-RS100400
      • It is possible to assign [HDMI RAW data output] function to the Fn button and users can directly turned it ON or OFF from the camera.
    3. LUMIX Tether for Multi-cam software Ver. 1.3.
      [Photo Style] filters can be used for still image shooting.
      • Zoom operation of the LUMIX G power zoom lenses can be controlled.