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Z-CAM E2-S6, E2-F6 and E2-F8 Cinema Cameras
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  • During filming a serie for HBO there was two Alexa and one F6 (just to test). Too much jello on F6 and a real problem on shutter speed in urban night environment (like E2. But Zcam thinks that it is enough to settle the shutter !). F6 stayed 5 minutes on the set. I am sure than an E2 with Speedbooster have less jello than F6. Wait for F6/F8 II. Zcam cameras are not yet professional but semi-professional.

  • S6 DR


    685 x 575 - 57K
  • All E2s, including flagships and E2c are getting this feature ready with new updates.

    RAW over HDMI ( Prores RAW )


  • S6G ,global shutter s6 camera on the way

  • US - Z CAM Service and Repair Center

    Cine Pro Service is a US based service center for cinema equipment. We service and repair cinema cameras and cinema related accessories. From sensor cleanings and diagnostics to crucial repairs, we will service your equipment to ​a satisfactory order with fast turnaround times.

  • Stupid question--will a FF lens with a speed booster on an m4/3 mount cover Super 35 on a Z cam?
    My brain has stopped working.

  • It will cover more than S35. Near FF but not really FF.

  • Thanks, @Flash. The circle of confusion.

  • Testing S6 now. I always have liked Super 35.

  • I tested Sony FX6 of a friend, really impressed by AF, DR, low light capability, colors etc etc Very nice camera ! (Very VENICE colors look)

  • Difficult choices, I'm not so interested is super shallow DOF sensor. Also the price on the S6 is not so bad, I got two mounts, the Canon and the M43, hopefully will have so flexibility with the speed booster etc. Even my Nikon F2 85 from the Cambrian period will gain a stop at telephoto.
    Have to see what the noise looks like.

  • Zcam is a good choice since last update.

  • Flash what has improved

  • Prores for all frame rate, H265 was a pain.

  • But I am in love for FX6 !

  • They have 444 pro res ? Or is only 422 hq ?

  • No 4444 but 422HQ for 24,25,30 FPS and 422 for slow mo

  • Anyone know how to use the proxy file in H265 that is embedded as a dual stream by the ZCam in Premiere Pro? I can only see the high res video, not the proxy.
    (Seems like a cool feature, although I guess I would prefer two streams so I can delete the ones I don't need)