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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • Hi guys, I got the full production 12mm lens a few weeks ago to do some footage tests and post some samples.. I am still on remote location at present filming so will be a little time before we get back to studio and sort out shots, how ever I can give a quick overview of experience to date..
    The lens fits correctly and is a tight fit, I have not noticed any slop or movement..
    The only lens I have difficulty with is the Panny 14mm which is quite tight and almost grinds when you fit..The focus is smooth and direct, have no issues there... the iris adjustment is also extremely smooth ...overall for the price this is a very good quality lens...
    Images appear to be clean and clear across the range even at F1.6..
    The only issue I have found to date is using heavy ND 1.2 + filters, the very corner of the image 1-2% only has a visible vignette which I assume is to do with the wide nature of the lens..This is a minor however as I have resized image to 102% and all fixed..
    I have found many uses for this lens and the DOF is great, especially the semi macro feature, very nice indeed...
    Overall this is a great lens for your kit and the price is quite reasonable...
    Hope to get some image up in the near future..

  • Here's a starlapse I got up in Incline Village, NV (North Lake Tahoe). It's done with the SLR Magic 12mm f1.6. I'll have a full video of some shots I got up there with the lens soon. It was about 23F outside, and the battery died 30 photos short, bravo battery. Enjoy.

  • @truestory What size ND did you use? Steve Huff mentioned using. 58 to 72mm step up to avoid vignette.
  • @itimjim
    I use a 77 VariND filter with a 58 to 77 step,
    and the result is in the previous post (Flare VS Cat - a SRL Magic 12mm 1.6 flare test).
    I've also a 67 VariND I'll try to see if vignette.
  • Yes a step up ring would certainly fix this issue... I did use a 58mm ND, I will get a ring and should solve issue..
    I do think this lens has a great potential for all round general use..This is a lens I will always have handy in my kit..

  • @Greek_m43
    That was insanely good man!
    What was your ISO set to?

    It looks so defying you'd think it was greenscreen!

  • Here's my Tahoe video all shot on the 12mm and SeAQuake hack... the starlapse didn't make it

  • @Greek_m43...amazing timelapse.
  • @ehr thanks! I wish the battery didn't die. I would have a full 10 seconds at least.
  • does anyone know if the 12mm 1.6 is available to buy in the US yet?
  • So the lens mount flexing may be fixed on later lenses then? This was the only thing putting me off this lens a little. Is it still not officially listed on their ebay page?
  • I spoke with Andrew at SLR Magic about my 12mm's mount shifting issue and he told me they were aware of the issue, it was an internal issue and not a loose mount issue, and that they didn't realize the resulting image shift would be such a drawback since the lens was originally designed primarily for still photography not video, where the slight image displacement during focusing before taking a photo would be a non-issue compared with the image shifting during a video shot.

    Andrew is replacing my lens shortly and I will report back once I have the new one in hand. Shifting aside, i love the lens and it hasn't left my GH2 since it arrived a few weeks ago. CBrandin's 44MB patch and the 12mm lens are a heady combo.
  • I still dont see these lenses for sale on their ebay. Do you guys just message them via ebay to get a conversation going? I'd appreciate it if someone could PM me an email address so I could get in touch with them. Cheers.
  • I contacted SLR Magic on ebay and this is what they wrote back:

    Kindly send your request to so that we can add you into our notification list.

    The lens is planned to launch mid/end December and we have a long notification list at this moment.

    Best rgds.,

    - slrmagic
  • So when is this lens out?
  • Yep - I was hoping to make myself a little Christmas gift (I've been good all year).
  • Mine is in the store now (The Netherlands). Unfortunately, I have to wait for my salary before I can buy.
  • I've ordered one today. Let's see how it performs in person.
  • Is this available yet? or is it still email waiting list?
    Thanks :)
  • @matthere

    An email waiting list for me. My turn was up.
  • Right...I was going to buy this lens but have no response from the noktor email. I messaged slrmagic on ebay...after 4 days I get a short response "email and buy from noktor"

    Id rather buy with some kind of reliability than buy through a email and sit on my hands.

    My views on the company has dropped even more (was low before) they seem to be good at sending pre prod models to "certain" people to get a bit of publicity but thats it.

    As a company selling and providing information for a product? no good at all.

    Good luck tommyboy is all I can say. the oly 12mm has dropped price here so olympus for me it is then! This lens does not exist now as far as im concerned.

  • I've ordered mine through a local dealer here in the Netherlands on december the 12th and received it last week friday. Seems it's on backorder now, so i guess stock is very low.