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  • Thanks for the feedback,

    On Mac OSX only VideoToolbox is available, i didn't find a solution to check-it when clicking on "Hardware acceleration" (which is not the case on Windows) so it's always available which don't mean is 100% working.

    The reasons (from what i know) for not working are: - An old graphics card (which is not possible) - An old OSX version (13.6 should run smoothly) - You're running under a virtual machine or hackintosh

    If it's not the case, i really need to know how what's happen. Shutter Encoder is running everyday into multiple audiovisual companies which most of them works on Mac and they did not have any complains about hardware acceleration.

    Keep me informed, Paul.

  • It is hackintosh but works perfect. I keep it 13.6 as it last for Nvidia support. Probably on real one works. Im wander if Radeon 5700 in 15.6 would work as a had it tested with various results for Hardware acc.

  • sorry i meant to say for the all the codecs 0-255 or 16-235. it looks like its only a handful right now. i didn't know about colorspace 10 bit mode, thx!

  • @konjow oh it works on 13.6! it's because i updated FFmpeg with the newest nvidia headers that's mean you need to update your drivers.

    @hardimpact ok understood i write it on my to do list.

  • Shutter Encoder v14.3 is out!

    @leonbeas: Ability to use .ass or .ssa subtitles file with "Add subtitles" checkbox @hardimpact: Added "Convert levels:" checkbox in "Colorimetry" section

    For users of v14.2 you need to update manually to this version:

    Thanks to everyone for your help, Paul.

  • This is great Paul. Thank you so much for your generosity. I will make good use of this software in my workflow.

  • @paulpacifico why NVENC does not work for my Quadro P400? I have now last drivers.

  • @storyboardcreativity Nvenc drive me crazy! At every update people lose their hardware compatibility.

    I'm not using Nvidia card currently, but i've tested into my company and Nvenc was working on GTX Titan X (which is less recent than yours).

    I've rebuild FFmpeg from latest update, they made some change for Nvenc encoding. Please download the files and replace the "Library" folder inside "C:\Program Files\Shutter Encoder\"

    Hope that's the solution!

    Keep me informed, Paul.

  • @paulpacifico after replacement

    649 x 654 - 74K
  • @storyboardcreativity please send me the log AFTER you ticked the box (right-click on "Progress Status" -> "Show console" -> "Console" -> "Save")

    Maybe it's a cuda driver problem. Thanks, Paul.

  • After updating the Nvidia driver as paulpacifico suggested, NVENC hardware acceleration now works for me - I have a GTX 1060 GPU.

  • @paulpacifico, attached console log. I've installed last available drivers from nVidia for Quadro P400: version 452.57

    As I can see in console log, ffmpeg tries to create context with NVENC API 11.0, but only 10.0 is available. It asks for 456.71 nVidia driver, but last driver for Quadro P400 is 452.57. I can try to install QNF driver from nVidia with new features but unstable (last version is 457.09). But is it possible to fix it for standard drivers?

  • @paulpacifico I downloaded the latest installer from your site (14.3) did not replace library, and NVENC Works on my machine™

    GTX1050 Ti, i5-4690k, 16GB DDR3, Win10. Thank you again! Very fast

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  • @storyboardcreativity so definitly you have to update your drivers or wait until Nvidia release their driver in stable version. I can't do much more right now.

    @theusualeditor thanks for the feedback, you can maybe speed up the thing again more by using "set GPU decoding to:" in settings icon. Try on "auto" first or "cuda" etc. by default it's on "none" because in some cases it can reduce or crash the encoding speed. On my PC it's a significant boost! 2x times faster! Note: it's only with MPEG2/H264/H265/VP9 input source.

  • Shutter Encoder Version 14.4 is available!


    • Ability to show "frames N°" with "Overlay" window
    • Ability to use "Separate audio tracks to:" with 5.1 audio file
    • Ability to use .vtt subtitles with "Add subtitles" checkbox


  • Paul, once again thanks for this update. I am really liking how trouble-free updating works over a previous install. For the first time I used scaling, in-out points, corrections, and changed a bunch of parameters all at once. Absolutely no issues. Handbrake and Media encoder are forgotten in my book.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback, i really appreciate!

  • I'am currently writing a whole documentation on Shutter Encoder's options if you have any question:

  • Version 14.5 is out!

    Highlights :

    • Record screen or input device

    • "Preserve folder hierarchy" checkbox with output codecs

    • Dynamic waveform loading with "Subtitling" function

    • Many bugs corrected

  • Someone had the audacity to send me a 3gp 176x144 H.263 video for a job. Premiere/Resolve had to clue what to do with it. I am happy to report that Shutter Encoder easily converted the file into something usable.

    By the way @paulpacifico , with OBS I capture what I stream to MKV (mp4 unrecoverable if file not finalized warning, etc). I then have to cmd into the folder where the MKV is and run the following to remux the file into something Premiere/Resolve can digest:

    ffmpeg -i filename.mkv -vcodec copy -acodec copy 1.mp4

    Can I do that from within Shutter Encoder? Obviously there's no re-encoding going on, but I couldn't figure out how.

  • Hi @Paulpacifico thank you for all of your work. I have hundreds of files that were concatenated, like AVCHD or just MP4 into big files that Adobe Premiere will no longer play and I'm interested in rewrapping some of these. The app I used, filejoiner, set the frame rate flag from constant to variable, among other things. Anyway they don't play anymore. Can your program reset this flag without recoding? TIA.

  • @DrDave ffmpeg can concat without re-encoding to a container that supports the original video/audio format.

    Try this

    or this (page wasn't loading, but available on the archive)

    If the AVCHD audio is AC3 and you are concat to something other than MTS, then you will have to convert the audio for sure.

  • Thank you @theusualeditor, I'm hoping I can restore the original format without recombining the original chunks, many of which I no longer have. Is there a switch to correct the VFR flag which filejoiner incorrectly set?
    The audio is not important, I use parallel audio.

  • @paulpacifico , there is no longer a need to re-wrap mkv into mp4. Resolve 17.2 now directly supports MKV recorded from OBS, and that's exactly what I needed the re-wrapping for. Thanks!