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Coronavirus: Masks and respirators discussion
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  • @kurth

    You lost ability to read quite long time ago, and it seems like you are loosing brain neurons at staggering pace also. Please, be safe, try to keep remaining in working state. We here like you, but some last posts make us worried.

  • @Vitaliy.

    Of course the mask with valve is easier on the wearer, yet offers zero social protection to the social ambiance from those infected, which considering the situation, is at least half or probably more than half , the strategy of using masks as said goal of ending the pandemic.

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  • @kurth

    As I told, you just always comment your own ideas. Not something posted. Hence why I am worried about you.

  • @Vitaliy....I wouldn't be worried , but....actually that looks more like what you're doing....posting your own personal bad ideas. This is common knowledge here in the west. Maybe it didn't reach Siberia yet. .... .... .... ...Maybe this'll help. And if you don't want me to comment on your condescending remarks....don't make them. Then you won't have to delete my comments about them ! And I believe my reading skills are more than adequate.

  • @kurth

    A face mask with an exhalation valve doesn’t help protect others. The valve makes it easier for you to exhale, but it also lets your germs out into the air. When it comes to protecting others, a mask with an exhalation valve is like not wearing one at all.

    Main spread happen during cough, cheap respirator with valve will hold around 80-95% of wet particles. During cough around 70-80% of air even goes via filter, not valve. Valve in them is small and limit the exhale volume per second.

    With good half and full face masks, valve has completely different construction and air goes down, not before you.

    Most people wear surgical mask such a way that leakage is comparable to N95 valve, btw :-)

    You don’t need an N95 mask. Studies have shown that a mask made of at least two layers of cloth will be effective as long as it is snug with no large gaps around the top or sides. The best material is a tightly woven cotton, which can include a bandanna.

    It is also not true, as not only filter material differs, but also sealing is much better.

    “The purpose of masks is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others,” the health agency said. The CDC recommends cloth face coverings as the best line of defense against spreading the novel coronavirus.

    CDC is like band of idiots. If you implement total masks mode as they want, it is mask sealing and efficiency that matters. You must be able to check it yourself.

    It is simple math. Lets propose (for the sake of it, despite wrong) that valve allow 90% of droplets out. Let's get use surgical mask efficiency at 80% (it is new and not wet) on another person. So, if you be right besides this person inhaling almost everything you can inhale up to 18% of droplets (today it had been apocalypse if this had been the case). In real life it is around 2-4% on the small distance. For total best case with another mask without valve it will be 1-2% (as here it will be small droplets that went through leaks and filters).

    Now lets assume we all use proper sealed and valved half masks. No more than 40% of droplets are out due to large valve and downward guide. Efficiency is 99,97%. If you be right besides this person inhaling almost everything you can inhale up to 0,012% of droplets. In real life it is around <0,001% on the small distance.

    Maybe it didn't reach Siberia yet.

    May be it is time to work for you in Siberia, will be nice weather soon.

  • It is true that masks without valve will be used much less time due to discomfort. I noticed that on myself and others. When I am shopping with them, I feel the need to get them off as soon as I am back outside, while with the 3M FFP3 I cycled multiple times back home without noticing that I am still wearing them. Last but not least: If you really and always take care yourself with proper protection and keeping distance whenever possible, you will most likely not catch it. And not catching it is finally savest way not to spread it.

  • @Meierhans....well last week I had to go on a 2 hour bus trip. One way I used a 3m 9010, which is a light weight valveless...and the other way I used a 3m 8511, which has a valve. The valve mask was only slightly more tolerable. Not noticing it....I doubt it. A valve mask still requires work inhaling and is nearly as hot. So if you have to be on public transport, it might be a better personal choice, esp for a long trip. However, if you got on a plane or bus, and everyone had a mask with a valve, you can assume you're unprotected from everyone else, except for your mask. And regardless which mask I'm using in whatever circumstance, I want to get the fuxer off as soon as possible, and I never use one if I'm in open, free air...unless being ordered by the authorities, which has happened. And they aren't smart enough to listen to the debate, so I put on a surgeons mask and remove when I'm out of sight, cause they're too stupid to know the difference. But if I had to take an intercontinental 10 hour flight, I might....maybe, would be persuaded by V's argument to use a respirator.... and goggles, and gloves, and prayer.

  • Example of dangerous pseudo science lies

    The reinhalation of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus that can't be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen - they cannot survive.

    The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of reaction time - reactions of the cognitive system.

    When you have chronic oxygen deprivation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the under-supply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress.

    First, it is utter lie that small volume inside mask play important role in the reduction of available oxygen. It is just small compared to inhale volume (and it still has around 50% of oxygen you see in fresh air).

    With good tightly sealed masks you can initially feel the described things and after some time "all of those symptoms disappear,". But not because you get used to it, human body does not work this stupid way. They go away because breathing is not conscious process where your advanced brain parts logically think it through, it is complex but low level thing. So, with mask you need to adapt, move it to upper level and after some time you get used to it and do not notice at all, as you change breathing habit a little, because you need different amount of muscle effort to get same amount of air.

    Guys who wrote such stuff must be held accountable and spend time in prison instead of spreading bullshit.

    Btw, in busy office with closed windows and working conditioning oxygen level drops sharp and CO2 level rises from 400ppm to 2000ppm and more in no time. And this can certainly can lead to " headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration", but somehow this guys are afraid to post this much, as business won't be happy.

  • Related to last post, can check comments to video from many people who use N95 and better masks.

  • I bought on eBay 6502QL. Recently, I visited a friend at hospital trying this mask. i was asked to take it off to talk to security guy. That was easy for me using quick release function of this 3m mask. But after getting temperature checked, I was asked to take my mask off, instead wearing hospital’s provided mask. I believe that is three layer blue color seeing a lot everywhere. Just recently , cdc said because faulty of using mask, Mask wearing Is not protect you better than not wearing it -;).and now after Trump was defeated by all you can named it, vaccine is replace mask news now. Wtf?

  • @tinbeo

    But after getting temperature checked, I was asked to take my mask off, instead wearing hospital’s provided mask.

    Lot of people become corporate drones, they want to literally follow instructions provided by them.

    This is also one of big reasons so many people die from COVID.

    Just recently , cdc said because faulty of using mask, Mask wearing Is not protect you better than not wearing it -;).and now after Trump was defeated by all you can named it, vaccine is replace mask news now. Wtf?

    Vaccine won't replace masks, do not worry :-)

  • Mordor criminals

    Rospotrebnadzor revealed the main drawback of masks with a valve. RIA Novosti was told about this by Mikhail Lebedev, a leading expert of the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

    According to him, an infected person exhaled in such a mask "gives all his viruses to others." The expert emphasized that masks with a valve are suitable only for medical workers who perform professional duties, since such personal protective equipment makes breathing much easier.

    Each time I read this bullshit (yes, protecting others is bullshit thing!) and understanding how many tens of thousands of people died due to it, and this is not worldwide, only here..

    We need some kind of tribunal for all this people.

  • 3M fires 2,900 people

    The COVID-19 pandemic has advanced the pace of change and disrupted end markets around the world, increasing the need for companies to adapt faster," Chief Executive Officer Mike Roman said.

    3M said the restructuring actions would allow it to take advantage of global market trends in e-commerce, health care, automotive electrification and home improvement.

    The company had 96,163 employees as of Dec. 31, 2019.

    The company said it expects the restructuring to result in pre-tax savings of $200 million to $250 million this year and $75 million to $100 million in 2021.

    Worst thing is that 3M supported famous theory of "no proper masks for people outside medicine". It is horrible crime that should be explored and all people related to it must be executed.

  • More than 1.5 billion (with a “b”) masks will be dumped into the oceans of the world this year alone.

  • Razer mask concept with RGB




    Made by designers and for designers, to make them rest in peace with such thing.

    800 x 480 - 36K
    800 x 460 - 35K
    719 x 373 - 26K

    Germany was mulling tougher anti-pandemic measures as authorities in Bavaria ordered highly protective FFP2 masks to be worn in shops and on public transport.

    Top German officials were set to discuss an order that would make wearing higher-quality FFP2 masks mandatory in certain situations, the German media reported on Monday. The reports came as the heads of all 16 German states were due to decide on tougher anti-pandemic measures at a meeting with the federal government on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, the German government increased its earlier offer of sending millions of vouchers for the FFP2 masks to people believed to be at the highest risk. Officials previously said they would make the vouchers available to 27 million people, but this has been increased to 34.1 million on Monday.

    So vaccines is not enough.

    [VK: added citation to link]

  • @garroulus

    Yet it is same horrible masks, not so horrible as simple, but still. Lot of them without valve, as you "need to save others not yourelf".

    Most of them have horrible sealing.

    Only N99 & FFP3 and P3 must be allowed and only reusable silicone ones.

    Btw, they ask to wear them because vaccination is really slow and will take long time.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yes i now they horrible masks and the vaccination goes slow but it's one small step more in the "spirit of what your site has preached" that i find very reasonable. From what i recall it's the first time when some institution calls something more than the mandatory shitty normal masks and i thought that is something.

  • @garroulus

    I could prize this, if this had been around early May (look at the main two masks topics on PV dates - early April 2020). But now I propose to have some tribunal and hanging of responsible clerks and doctors.

  • I agree...i mean no joke you are fully Wright...

    To late to little...

  • @garroulus

    It is very interesting how media works.

    Guys on top and a lot of middle positions who had been responsible for masks, medications and such knowingly killed few millions (including people who had been cut from proper hospital care and such) and they are... heroes or at least hard working nice guys. But they are much more serious humanity criminals compared to an Nazy politicians and generals.

  • November 19 compared to November 20 around 14000 more deaths (im talking about my country).

    Corona has more collateral deaths than from covid 19 itself... I knew two people personally that died this whay.

    Now ho is to be blamed about all this? You explained in full details and although i won't take your explanations as full truth (as i belive there are much more factors to keep in mind) id say you are more than 50 percent close to the truth.

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  • @garroulus

    From very beginning it had been clear that ruling class do not really want to save people lives.

    We have First Class World War and one side of this war actually do not know that people who die around are war casualties, soldiers without weapons who are actually at war but are calmed down by enemy media that they are not.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    "We have First Class World War"

    For anyone ho doesn't see this i feel pity...sincerely.