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GH2 Hacked - SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB - Video stops at varying time without error
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  • i tried not to use the M4/3 lens and used another lens to be specific nikon 50mm 1.8 with M4/3 adapter. my recording last 10mins and not showing the issue of writing of the card, try also to unmount your lens and start recording if the the writing issue will come. Please note that I'm using lexar 64gb class 10 150mb/s but if my kit lens 14-24 is mounted the writing issue of the card will popup. BTW i think i hacked my GH2 to Driftwood.

  • Try different hack settings or a different card.

  • Hello anybody know how minutes can record in the GH2 HACKED with flowmotion v2.02 ? in FHD 24p Cinema?

  • The same. but!!! I have same problem only with SanDisk Extreme Pro 32gb 95mb. After 4gb rec is stop wthisout error. And 64gb rec full sd card at 4gb parts without stop. OltraMax (don't know what's the brand) 64gb sdxc 10 u1 rec without stop multiple 4GB parts about 30 min. I'll try it with other sd and moon t8, FM2. then tell