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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - "Tried to fix mount, but SLRMagic become so afraid, so they refused to help me or provide any information. Said that they'll send new lens as it'll be ready."

    I had a similar experience with an SLRMagic 35mm f1.7 lens. It was obviously a C-Mount lens that had been converted to a M4/3 mount, and the machining didn't quite fit properly on my GF1. SLRMagic sent me a different type of M4/3 mount plate, along with three screws to attach it to the exposed back of the lens. It works now, but at heart, it's a CCTV machine vision lens, perfect for simulating the look of surveillance camera videos.
  • Have to say, SLR Magic has great customer service. I reported the problem with my lens and the new lens was shipped that day, should be here by Tuesday. After I get it, I ship the other back.
  • @Greek_m43

    I just want to wait a little for 77mm cine version with gears.
    Want to get it to replace my wobbling one.
  • @vitaliy_kiselev are they going to make a Cine lens set?
  • @Greek_m43

    Don't think so.

    But 12mm cine modification will be available.
  • The title has become wrong. No longer Noktor. It's Hyperprime.

    Is it worth to pay for cine mod for this lens? 12mm 1.6 seems useful in low lighting. Not sure about focus pullling at 12mm.
  • I'm interested to hear how the new models that you guys are waiting for perform. I love the look of this lens. I want one, but the issues that it seems, everyone has had, make me nervous about pulling the trigger.
  • @rockroadpix

    About issues.
    This is not a production lenses.
    Generally, goal of such stuff is to discover the issues and fix them before product6ion.
  • Just got mine yesterday. Overall I'm pleased with the IQ but the lens mount moves slightly when focusing the lens, which causes the image to shift from side to side when focusing. I'm waiting a few days to see if perhaps this "settles in" but if it doesn't I'm asking for a replacement, as it would be anathema during a shoot if the entire image shifted every time I pulled focus.

    I also found the focus ring to have a bit of play right out of the box, but working it in for a few minutes took care of that. Now it focuses as smoothly as any of my old Canons.

    Not much to add that hasn't already been said by EOSHD, Seb, et al. It's very cinematic, usably sharp enough even wide open, and its speed and FOV give a whole new lease on life to M43. I really didn't think glass for this system would ever get this wide, fast, and good. Until now it's been pick two.
  • @Vitaly

    I sincerely hope so...
  • How critical is the focus on this lens? Other than macro shots, it's essentially hyperfocal, right? Does anyone see problems with lens filters being in focus? I would love to add one of the fast wide primes to my MF (Canon FD) lens kit. Has anyone used a zip-tie focus gear and follow focus on this lens?
  • @Shaveblog

    Where did you get it? Also, I'm concerned about the loose fit. Everybody seems to be reporting it. Does anybody have a 12mm F1.6 that fits properly on the camera?
  • @Shaveblog SLR Magic will ship you a brand new lens. My mount was loose, I received the the replacement very quickly and I'm shipping back the first lens today.
  • @Vitaly Do you think it could be possible on long term to hack GH2 internal lense compensation mechanisms in a way that it could correct (at given preset like: N12mm f/1.6 Noktor@2.0) for manual lenses?
  • @Meierhans

    No one knows.
    It is low level things. So, very hard to find them, and even harder to modify.
  • @Meierhans you discussing the internal m43 lens processing? (dewarping etc?)

    If so - just use electrical tape over the contacts (and make sure you have a manual everything lens!)
  • Frankly... I was hoping some other company makes a wide and fast lens.
  • IBM or Oracle :)
  • @stonebat
    Wide and fast? Or Wide, fast and Cheap?

    There are SUPER wide PL Lenses out there- and fast... But not cheap!

    As for the running joke...
    Samyang or Rokinon?

    (Considering that Microsoft owns share in Apple its kind of the same thing really!)
  • @DouglasHorn

    I wouldn't go so far as to suggest the SLR Magic 12mm is hyperfocal - you still need to pull focus just like any other lens. Even wide open it's sharp enough to reward careful focusing vs. just covering a zone and hoping for the best.


    I'm not sure if this is official policy or not but I emailed SLR Magic from its eBay seller's page and they accepted my order. Had the lens in hand a week later.


    Yes, I've given up on this lens "settling in" and have emailed SLR Magic for a replacement. Owing to the time difference in HK I haven't heard back but expect to this evening.

    The 12mm is really a great lens on a hacked GH2 and the combination is phenomenal. If they can just lick the loose mount issue they'll have a winner. Even Ciecio7 took awhile to nail the machining on his 1-piece M43 lens adapters. Hopefully SLR Magic will do the same, because optically this lens has a lot going for it. And if they can swap focus and aperture ring positions, all the better!

  • Just a flare test

    updated in 1080p