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JVC 4K cameras, including GY-LS300 - 4K for $2995, GY-HM200 and GY-HM170
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  • @cindy6 - I haven't used either of those lenses, but the Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 is one of my favorite manual focus lenses and it does have "that look". I've used the Lumix 30mm f2.8 on the LS300, and its OIS is worth its relatively slow speed. But for low light, I'd definitely prefer f1.8 or faster, and would probably opt for the Sigma 30mm f1.4's native MFT mount. I also have the cine version of the Rokinon 35mm T1.5 with a 0.7X speedbooster, but I avoid opening it up wider than T2, where it's a little too soft and touchy to focus.

    For 4K shooting on the LS300, you need a very sharp lens, and that's not really where Voigtlander shines. The big issue is not resolution so much as chromatic aberration, and there's no built-in correction for that on the LS300. The Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 needs a Leica M-mount converter, and lacks speedbooster support. Unless you have a Leica camera to use it on as well, I'd consider it too expensive. I use Nikon cameras for still photography and low-light video, and the Metabones speedbooster sharpens up those lenses on the LS300. If I didn't have that dual use in mind, I wouldn't have made the investment in Nikon lenses just for use on the LS300.

  • @LPowell much appreciate your help. metabone on JVC was extremely tight. I was scared to break it. but managed to push it through. is that the case with urs? or what possible issue can be? also is there any further softness to image caused by speed booster? I am really interested to know your thoughts on JVC LS-300 vs EVA1. what I see from EVA1, its DSLR like footage. detailed pixels. while LS300 looks filmic/cinematic type to me with Nikkor Glass. which one would you prefer? results ratio money usability, considering I already have atomos inferno. Is it good enough for indie film making targeting big screen? what settings would you prefer? i know I asked for a full lecture :) Regards

  • @LPowell sounds like sigma 30/1.4 then:) I've so far managed to avoid adapters and speedboosters. Quite a relief that I can keep my gear light and simple, as I shoot mainly adventure sports.

  • @waqarch - My Metabones speedbooster fits fine on the LS-300, no tighter than Lumix lenses. If yours is hard to attach, I'd send it back and ask for another copy.

    The EVA-1 is in a totally different class from MFT cameras. It uses a Canon EF mount and costs $7.5K. It has built-in image stabilization and full-range 10-bit 422 V-log recording. This is a motion picture camera for those who have a cinematic budget to support it.

    The LS-300 has an active MFT mount and costs $2.5K. It has VSM electronic zoom and full-range 8-bit 422 J-log recording. This is a workhorse camcorder for videographers who have already invested in the MFT ecosystem, shooters who are looking for a 4K upgrade from the Panasonic AF100.

  • @cindy6 - The Sigma 30mm f1.4 DN is a good choice, particularly since Sigma announced the upcoming release of a matching 16mm f1.4 DN for MFT cameras.

  • @LPowell I know there was big flame about GH5 in this metter but I was waiting for improovmant since GH1. How is AF working with native m43 lenses on LS300?

  • @konjow - The LS300 has both push-to-focus and continuous auto-focus modes with auto-focus MFT lenses. Both work well for lenses with moderate or deep DOF, with little or no hunting. With narrow DOF, I don't rely on auto-focus and use the LS300's focus peaking and magnification features instead. I've never tried face-recognition AF or used an auto-focus Canon lens with a Metabones adapter. Here's a link to a Canon lens auto-focus test:

  • Thank you @LPowell. Ive see this video. Ive never seen AF native m43 lenses on LS300 compering to GH line. Especially now when the rumore is GH5s with price 2500 its mutched LS300 price eventually. I know low light will be better on new GH but thats it probably. That can be the price for working AF :)

  • Here is a project I shot on JVC LS300 + some Multicam sequences adding Lumix G85 and GH4 in 4K + GH3 in HD (my past A camera). I also used the G85on the shot of the bird in flight handheld from a boat due to internal stabilization which works great. I just got the JVC before that project (in May 2017) and after some test, I decided to shoot everything in 4K 25p J-Log1, except some slow-mo shots in Full HD @ 100 fps. The JVC is a great camera to work with thanks to its internal ND filter (the essential feature every M43 and DSLR are missing), it is also open to creativity with its multisensor crop. To avoid any problem, I mainly shot with lenses I am used to working with such as Voigtlander (25 and 17.5) and lumix 7-14mm f/4, 12-35mm f/2.8, 100-300mm f/4-5.6 ... What surprised me is that most of the M43 lenses are able to be used with bigger sensor crop than M43. For example, Voigtlander 25mm behaved much more like a 40mm than a 50mm and the 17.5, was much closer to a 30mm than a 35mm. Edited in Premiere CC, I used homemade treatment (curve and blending mode of adjustment layer) instead of LUT to get the color and mood I was looking for. Since that shooting, I am liking that camera so much that I bought, while they were very discounted, all the Samyang (Rokinon) I needed (12mm T2.2, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5 to be ready for a fictional work. All those lenses with an x0.7 Speedbooster on the JVC are very close to an FX look + 4K + In camera ND filter, I need now to find time to shoot a short film...

  • Hi @eurocameraman how much of the sensor does your lumix100-300 cover? tkx.

  • ANOTHER big retailer has released a dedicated video promoting the JVC LS300, this is very unusual indeed:

    It is very strange that a product so late in its life cycle is getting such a significant push behind it. 

    I am going to put on my tin foil conspiracy hat (my favorite hat to wear!) and put forward a theory:

    The JVC LS300 mk2 is not too far away down the road...  perhaps nearer the end of this year?

    However the JVC300 never saw the success it deserved, thus JVC is behind the scenes trying to give the LS300 one last push to gain attention for its efforts to then use as a platform of existing interest in JVC cinema cameras to build off from when they launch the LS300 mk2. 

    Rather than letting the JVC300 languish and disappear, then having to restart again from scratch in getting people's attention to be interested in the new LS300 mk2. 

    Just saying. 

  • @IronFilm

    JVC is like ancient species. Look at our interviews. They are like last sane man in Idiocracy world.

  • Looks like I got to this party late. I have been thinking how I would love to have a camera just like this for awhile, but didn't know it existed, at least with the micro four thirds mount. Definitely looking forward to seeing what is next in this line up.

  • @cindy6 Sorry for late reply (1 year!) the 100-300 Lumix can be used at 100% (APS-C size sensor) without a problem (vignetting) which make it behave like a 150-450 mm zoom (on FX equivalent field of view)

  • Here is another music video shot on JVC LS 300 beside GH5 (mainly for slow motion). The APS-C sensor + Speebooster delivers an image close to FX look on the JVC which still is my favorite camera. GH5 best it for slow motion and compactness.

  • A while back I saw a list posted (somewhere on the interweb) showing which MFT lenses have full S35 coverage, having used the JVC to test this (with variable mapping disabled). Anyone know where I might find that list? Thanks!

  • Today only B&H is offering the LS300 for the "impossible low price" in their "Deal Zone" for only: $1,895.00

    -I am mostly posting this only for the humor in that price!

  • VG900? ooooooollllllddddddd
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  • Wow, still holding it's value...?

    B&H "Deal" at $1895 until June 25th: