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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • ok friend thanks for the advice, however I tried this morning to record with the new sandisk 64 gb class 10 U3 170 MB / s and everything works beautifully no problem all solved. thanks again for your help, bye.

  • Almost couldn't believe what was going on, I have not have much chance to play with the GH2 for a good while as most of the high quality hack settings would freeze and break the recording in the first two seconds with my crappy SD card. So long story short, bought a Sigma 18-35mm, so I found myself the excuse to play around with it again, loaded up Moon T8, thinking it would probably not work just like it did a few years ago, to my unsurprise, it failed just the same, no matter what mode, SH, FSH, 24L, 24H, HBR, all failed spectacularly with my years old 64GB PNY card.

    But this time, I did something different, I tried to record a small (MJPEG) file first, sometimes it would throw me a card writing error message, sometimes not. However, subsequent to that MJPEG recording, all other modes has been pretty rock steady to me so far, I am talking 24H, 24L, SH, FSH for the freaking 150Mbit Driftwood Moon T8!!! All the way to the noise galore of ISO12800. Damn son :)

    Admittedly, my own testing is not exhaustive, and you mileage may vary, but for those who gave up trying because of the crappy SD card you have years ago, give it a whirl, and have fun ;)

  • Hi @jimbo1169. Thank you for sharing your experience with the "Space" patch.

  • Hi everyone, I spent a few hours over the past two days creating some Neat Video noise profiles for the GH2 running Moon T8. Currently, I have only created profiles for the 24H, 24L, and 720p60 SH settings, and I use Neat Video version 4. I'm not sure if these profiles will work on other versions, but they may.

    I created a profile for each ISO setting, including secondary settings for the ISO bugged modes (up to 2500 ISO for those) ("clean" is normal, "dirty" is with the bug in case you forget to fix the problem and shoot with the ISO bug)

    These profiles were created using the Smooth film mode at -2 -2 -2 -2, though they will probably still work with other modes. What is being picked up here is mostly sensor ISO noise since Moon T8's bitrate is so high.

    The end result is that I have been able to recover about 1 - 1.5 stops of extra detail in the shadows on my shots as opposed to it looking like a total mess of noise. If you shoot at crazy high ISO settings, it can't make a shot at 12,800 ISO look like 200 ISO, but as long as your footage is reasonable, you can greatly expand the usable dynamic range of the camera and color grading is that much better.

    These profiles should be used FIRST before doing any other processing such as grading, sharpening, scaling, or color correction. Etc...

    The 1080p24 profiles seem to work fine on footage shot in variable mode, for example, if you use the 80% mode for slight slow motion.

    Here is a link to an Imgur gallery showing what the profiles are capable of: Gallery

    Download links:

    1080p24 24H

    1080p24 24L

    720p60 SH

  • I know the GH2 might as well be dead in 2020, but if anyone is interested, I may make some video tutorials on how I made the profiles and how I use them in production.

  • Yes please! Definitely interested.

  • Excellent. I suppose I can get started making that tonight. Cheers. :)

    Edit: I created another profile set for Ex Tele mode for 24H. I'll see about getting them uploaded soon. (also, perhaps I should just make a new thread for this subject...)

  • New thread here (concerning my noise profiles)

    Custom GH2 Neat Video Profiles

  • AFAIK Moon T8 won't span after the 4gb limit? Is Driftwood SPACE is still the most recommended patch for long documentary shooting with AF?

  • Spanning works fine on Moon T8 for me. I'm almost certain it has to do with how fast your SD card is as to whether you can span at these high bitrates.

  • TreyM What card are you using?

  • Just an Onn (basically rebranded PNY stuff) 64GB class 10, U3, 100MB/s card bought at Wal-Mart. Nothing fancy,

  • - 函館市 Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, Japan -
    Shot on ' Lumix GH2 + Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 ASPH. POWER OIS Lens ' [with Driftwood Moon T8 24L]

    recorded a short video from my last trip to Japan. Nocticron is also my favorite lens in Lumix. The picture profile setting was set to cinema all-2

    ※ The moon t8 boasts good quality enough even if it is set to 24L.

  • Hi! I need some help guys! I just hacked my GH2! It’s amazing! But Does removing my battery without having the clock battery charged make it reset the hack?