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Alternatives to Adobe Premiere? (4K and FullHD)
  • We PV members can colaborate and include in this topic all FREE and/or INEXPENSIVE alternatives to Adobe Premiere (video editing software).

    Starting with Kdenlive:

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  • I’ve been giving the free version of DaVinci Resolve 16 a go on a few small edits. Really enjoying it so far. Pretty powerful for the price, which is free!

  • In a small meeting with post production educators at a major US film school last summer, out of FCPX, Premiere, Avid and DaVinci Resolve, we all came to the conclusion, the future is DaVinci Resolve, from accessibility (free) , fixed pricing -no subscription to their camera/post gear integration.

  • From Adobe’s website:

    Video editors and pro social creators are making the switch from Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve to Premiere Pro. It’s the only application with Auto Reframe, Color Match, Auto Ducking and more, for better control, effortless integration, and a faster workflow.

  • Resolve

  • FCP X really works well on a mac, and if you've spent the money for a mac, then it's a reasonable investment...maybe? Otherwise how can anyone not be using Resolve ? If BM came out with an image editing sw, they'd probably put adobe out of business. Adobe are slavemakers. My advice is...if you must have Adobe....we all know it's free. Also the cheap Vegas studio. I use it alot.

  • Free Resolve is crippled in important ways. Resolve Studio is very limited in render options for Windows - no HEVC 10bit output, for example. It also likely will never ingest 12bit 422 ProResRaw, which is a useful shooting mode for a set of important cameras (Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).

    "Free" is a stupid and arbitrary criterion (would rule out one cent or 3 dollars?) for those who take video seriously enough to spend thousands on shooting equipment and computers, given how important editing is for creative video.

    What is generous about the non-free Resolve is that upgrades seem to be free. The other fixed-price alternatives charge for upgrades (including bug fixes), which if one continues to use them is pretty similar to subscription pricing if one wants to ensure that she always has the latest-featured, least buggy version (in principle).

  • I believe apefos is posting this in the spirit of this site and the gh1&2 hacks...or other low budget filmmaker solution..which most likely will never have 12bit 422 proresraw. Obviously if someone has a $15k camera and all the gear to support it, they won't be looking for "free". Back when I started with sony dvcam and the first powermac, I spent a grand on fcp 1. I look back and have more than learned my lesson, although it took me until fcp 5 for it to really sink in ! @apefos..thanks for that link. I'd never heard of it. I think "free" will be the no. 1 word in the decade ahead. And all of these expensive cameras will disappear, sooner rather than later, including atomos, and phones will become the only weapon of choice. Then we might be one step closer to Cocteau's dictum. Camera technology has essentially been frozen in place. They might announce what they already have in the pipeline, but the cork is being placed. That's what global depressions do.

  • Thanks for all comments. I read all.

    I think main reason people are slave of Adobe is due to GPU real time filter effects and transitions. A free or inexpensive video editor do not have this...

    Yes, I edit GH2 G7 XT30 H264 fhd 4k 100mbps without intermediate codec and without proxy.

  • Resolve free is very capped, miss important features. Paid version is a must.

  • that case you're far better off buying a pocket 4k, where it's still free.

  • Final Cut Pro X and music production suite Logic Pro X — are both getting free 90-day trials for a limited time. The 90-day trial is available now for Final Cut Pro X and will arrive “in the coming days” for Logic Pro X.

  • Already tryed the FLOSS route to video editing and it doesn't worth the effort. Kdenlive kind of exists for the sake of having an operacional video editor in linux, also any other. Other than you being a hobbist or doing any kind of experimental work (for witch lives would be great vjing etc) they dont fit to paid work.

    Thing thats best to do to not put tons of money in things you wont really benefit is lock yourself some system. Grab a copy of resolve studio (torrent) somewere else if you want to use linux, chose any NLE you think fits your need if you use windows. Grab plugins, etc, for your desired workflow and your video specs. Make everything working, learn to live with bugs, adobe updates arent any less buggy. Put the money you now havent spent in gear or buy yourself some coffee and a nice chair.

    Ai things will make your life easier, Mocha, Twixtor, PluralEyes, NeatVideo. Also go into motion graphics as it can be a way to get money/get the things done when people/you dont afford resources to do a shooting.

  • @Vitaliy...what apple would do if it was smart, instead of being greedy give fcp and logic free with any new mac, just like garageband. They'd make up the loss by making more hardware sales.

  • @kurth

    As far as I understand it will happen soon. Just wait few months for new ARM Macs.

  • I've tested about 15 alternatives. 99.9% of them can't do the simple hue v lum curves operation. and most are 8bit in nature. so... resolve is the only one that has hue v lum that I know of. I'd love to be corrected on this.

  • I would suggest a project that is working towards full OCIO colour science (already working) with scene linear working space, amazing cache system.

    But I will get yelled at. ;-)

    Early days, but I gotta have the 32bit option in 2020.

  • Resolve all the way. I canceled my personal Adobe subscription since I have a subscription through work. For what I'm saving per year, I could purchase Resolve twice.