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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @Vitaly

    It's definitely not that all will be OK using UV radiation. Virus will be filtered and most takes place in the matrix. Look at microscopic images to imagine how a filter looks like. That means you have shadow there and nothing gets hurt. Also you have a lot of dust particles which can cover them.

  • Amazon delivery for PC parts and notebooks jumped to 4 weeks and more. Lot of items will be delivered in the end of April. Amazon is sitting on big pile of such items, but as they are less profitable they are pushed back.

    Another good way to loose your work.

  • @tida

    Virus lives around 24 hours on most surfaces (in reality), and under strong UV lamp you will have lot of reflections in the filtered layers, enough to kill it within few minutes.

  • a look at COVID-19 and Weather patterns

  • CNBC: What America can learn from China’s use of robots and telemedicine to combat the coronavirus

    Earlier this month, a field hospital staffed by robots opened in the Hongshan Sports Center in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic began.

    Dubbed the Smart Field Hospital, the facility can serve 20,000 patients and is a project involving Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, China Mobile and CloudMinds, a maker of cloud robotics systems based in China and the U.S.

    It is a trial aimed at relieving exhausted health-care workers even as the outbreak in China slowed in recent weeks.

  • I'm curious why China and some other countries are disinfecting the streets--are the street surfaces really a vector for transmission?

  • I would say if people spit on the street... yes. Certainly

  • @DrDave

    They are disinfecting car part usually :-) Just useless thing made to calm people down.

  • Passenger flow was down more than 80% Sunday from the same day a year earlier.

  • India fully shutting down for 21 days.

  • mexico reaches phase 2

  • Trump hopes it's magically over in USA by Easter.

  • Hungary

    The Secretary of State for Defense announced last week that they had selected about 140 important companies that could be taken over by soldiers if deemed necessary.

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Just let him pray long enough.

  • Easter 2021.

  • @Vitaliy...I know you posted about the false-positive results from the test, but in case this wasn't posted..... ...."Conclusions: In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the 'asymptomatic infected individuals' reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives."

  • Brasil - Bolsonaro gone to TV little time after his temporary measures decree on labour to adress the nation about coronavirus and say basically go fucking work, we have some football stadiums with beds stored, there's no such pandemics thing. Meanwhile he pushes along parliament to privatize the country and also immediatelly burn the money in coronavirus response.

  • With the whole false positive testing, does that mean the mortality rate is alot higher than its stated?

  • @sammy

    My point had been that governments control all tests. And they have reason to do so.

    Also I meant different kind of tests, where all you need is change one element - primer, and no one will notice cheating. Doctors will see patients who have some other respiratory virus as infected with coronavirus .

    One thing this can teach us - never let any government control both media and testing. Having both they can make anything at any rate they want.

  • Ppl are being treated with IV Vitamin C, but the media isn't covering it. Strange. Guess there is no money to be made. I wonder what else is in the fish tank cleaner.....

  • It is long plan

    Officials in the Czech Republic say that the country may need to keep its borders closed for 2 years in order to fight a potential second wave of coronavirus.

  • Lot of Chinese coronavirus patients can be not coronavirus ones.

    As China started silently to use CT scanners as main method to call someone as having coronavirus (in reality any lungs decease).

  • In patients with negative RT-PCR results, 75% (308/413) had positive chest CT findings; of 308, 48% were considered as highly likely cases, with 33% as probable cases.