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Sony Alpha hacks talk
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  • Can we work on an app for video based A7 cameras.

    Some really useful features would be: The ability to auto pull focus from a "C" button. Saving focus points and then recalling them. Setting the focus duration from point A to B.

    Similar "macros" for automated aperture control and optical zoom on lenses that support it would also be cool.

    I'd love to know if this is possible. Thanks

  • Hello. I just got an a7ii and feel out of tune after getting to know that there is no 4k. I've heard that it is possible to remove 30 minutes limit, but how about 4k, is that a chance to switch it on? or there is hardware/firmware limitations? Thank you.

  • @Ravi

    Just get proper camera (can get even cheap Z-CAM E1), such things won't happen.

  • Do you have the Japanese language firmware of SONY A7RM3 and A7M3 modified? If so, please send it to my email, ok? E-mail: 572017317

  • It's possible to make hack to add the aspect ratio 6:7 and 4:5 for the ILCE-7?

  • @sonyknipser

    For now no one is doing it.

  • Hello

    This will be very usefull:

    1. Focus Stacking
    2. High resolution shooting mode: sencor makes shift for second shot and than camera unites both shots

    Thank you

  • Hello guys. I just recently bought an A7RII. What existing hacks I can install to get the full power of this machine?. I already installed: and some hacks from: But is it anything else that can improve my camera or unlock some features?. Thank you!

  • Has anyone tried to connect to this UART ports? My camera's motherboard is dead it flashes screen three times and turns off. I'm trying to restore it. Maybe someone already tries connecting to this ports to work with serial console?

    Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 1.48.15 PM.png
    1460 x 1326 - 185K
  • Bonjour y a t'il un développement pour supprimé le star eater des sony pas mal d’astrophotographe seraient prêt a payer un petit plugin

    Hello is there a development for deleted the star eater of the sony quite a lot of astrophotographer would be willing to pay a small plugin

    Thank you

    Good year 2019

  • @Saeba

    It is low level stuff, as far as I understand.

    Do not remember about such hacks for Sony.

  • Hello guys. New here and looking to unlock the languages on a Japanese Sony A7ii. Would anybody have the time (and patience) to possibly walk me through it please? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • There is a play memories app called 'light trail' that for some reason they restrict to the 5100 and a7s. Just wondering if anyone has tried to install this on other models using the open memories system, i.e. sony-pmca-re. I want to install it on my a6000 and i suspect there is a way to do this. Thanks.

  • Hello

    Why everything in sony hacks is stopped?

    People is ready to donate for apps development on previous cameras but lazy developers don't want do anything. (

    And no full Wiki to show how to make such apps for beginners.

  • Developers, please create 1 video course with description how to make program like (for example) + camera API description if you don't want make other apps for money.


  • @pasha4ur I used it in August. All was good back then.

  • Can anyone develop something to turn japanese only a6400 to english manual? This is killing me. I purchased the a6400 in japan, and got a brand new box not floor model, but found out it was japan version only, too late to return. Someone please help.

  • I have a Sony Alpha A7RII. My gimbal connected to the camera by PC Remote Connection. The gimbal support taking pictures and video recording from the gimbal panel and app. I car record video but I can not take pictures, the gimbal support service told me that there is a limitation from the PC Remote protocol of the Sony camera that this model can not save pictures on the camera memory card on PC. Then I start Sony Remote application and looks like it is true I didn't find any options to make a copy on the memory card. Is that a chance to remove this limitation and make camera to save pictures to the SD Card?.. Looks like since A7III came to the market they have added an option to the menu system which is called PC Remote Settings -> PC + Camera. Maybe there is a chance to the firmware hack just to change default behaviour from saving to PC to saving to SD Card...

  • is it possible to tweak a higher bitrate? Maybe trough a mediaprofile.xml like in a normal android os. Im using a sony a7ii. Thanks

  • @PontusEk

    It is clearly possible, but may require lot of work. I think Android file changes have zero effect on actual bitrate.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ah okey. If there is anybody willing to improve My a7ii om very happy to pay for the work! Sorry for bad English

  • So I don't have a lot of money, but a friend his handed down his Sony Nex-7 camera to me and I'd like to remove the 30 minute recording limit. I only just became aware of the possibility of hacked firmware allowing this, but I've never done anything like this before and I'm afraid of bricking the camera. This is the nicest camera I've ever owned, possibly even the nicest camera I will ever own. Does any one have any info or tips on how to make this happen? Is there a pre-made file I can just download and throw on the camera? I'd rather not mess with a hex editor, I've had bad experiences with them in the past.

    Similarly, any tips on making sure the camera doesn't overheat? I've heard buying an official Sony memory card will do it, but I'm skeptical, because when I've shot test videos, when the camera overheats the whole body starts to get warm. I bought the fastest 256gb Sandisk card I could get, but maybe it requires a higher electrical output that causes the overheating? I think the official Sony cards only go up to 16gb. Any advice about that would be great, too.

  • Hi team! That's some amazing work. By any chance has anyone tried this with the A7C? I was about to buy one (in Japan) and discovered they force it to be in Japanese. It's been a long time since I've done anything more advanced than plonk Magic Lantern onto a 5DmkII... Thanks!

  • I have strange problem with my a7 mkI, camera seems to be hacked, or maybe it's just some soft flow? Sometimes camera exposing strangely, with high black point and very small dynamic range, seems to be hacked from outside by radio such as wifi...