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I think this is my perfect run and Gun doc camera. What is no one talking about it?

    If you check my posts for a few years all I have wanted is a global shutter cam. Seems I have found one. What do people think about the look? Even though its shaky my brain reacts differently to it compared to CMOS shutter, I actually enjoy the shake. How do people feel?

    What rig is gonna work with this to keep it compact?

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  • shake is shake

  • No rolling shutter is definitely better than some rolling shutter. 12 stops dynamic range isnt great, but its not bad. Seems like a nice option.

  • @jonpals

    Disagree completely. The shake reminds me of older film camera doc shakiness, feels very different and isn't unpleasant to look at. You are gonna be able to make very quick moves with this camera and still have something that is watchable. Compare with this a CMOS sensor with less shake and larger sensor but feels like it would need a lot of post and stabilisation to feel ok.

    then compare with how this handles.

  • My eyes don't like the shake and my brain sees missing information during the shake. I wanted to believe, but.... I use a gimbal, so likely fine, but couldn't pretend the shake wasn't hurting my eyes. I would like to see some real global shutter tests, fast movments following planes, trains, and automobiles, at high frame rates, and low frame rates...

  • The motion cadence look good to me. I could do without the shake, but if you are going to have shake, I agree it looks better with Global Shutter. I would like to understand house the ISO works regarding it stated ISO range of Auto, Manual (1250 ~ 40000). Hopefully that means it will have excellent low light and be able to adjust on the fly in Auto ISO mode. Not that I would use it that often, but if it available - I would like to try it out. To me except for specific high motion applications, it is not worth giving up the dynamic range for Global Shutter now that Rolling Shutter is getting so low on newer cameras. It would be nice to have both a Global and Rolling Shutter mode on the same camera.

  • it has "only" 1" sensor