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Panasonic G80 / G85 / G8 4K 5-axis stab magnesium monster
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  • I'm not sure what that guy is on about. I've tried a number of mics on my G80 and I don't get that noise. Maybe he's running a line signal from a recorder that's plugged in to a wall socket? The only noise I get is a soft 'breathy' noise, that is basically constant with IBIS on. You can hear it in the first part of this clip with my high sensitivity mic. But it is barely noticeable with a lower sensitivity directional mic like the Boya BY-MM1 (used in the second part). And the tiny buzzing sounds are flies on the window.

  • Nice stuffed animal=Cherubashka = "creature of unknown origin". My daughter has one of those.

    I can't really hear any objectionable noise, but, my computer's fan is pretty loud so may be drowning it out?

  • I'm doing a short interview tonight I'll hook up the G85 next to the mics.

  • Really loving this camera. Super versatile.

  • I'm sorry my interview won't be finished for a few weeks, but I placed the G85 right under my studio mics--in this case I used the standard Schoeps MK 41. Of course, the MK41 has nulls similar to a figure of eight mic, which is one reason why everyone uses them (the other reason is that they sound better). I didn't notice any noise from the camera in the interview. Of course, if you put the mic right next to the camera body you can pick up the whirr, just as you can when using an IS lens on a silent camera.
    I suppose it would be nice to be able to turn of the inbuilt IS, but it isn't such a big deal. If you want silent, get the super cheap G7.

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  • A foot away from the Schoeps MK41, the G85 really did not produce anything the mics care about. There's just some intermittent freeway noise.

  • Was all black clothing in front of a black back drop an intentional choice?

  • Hi, this model have always his problem of stabilisation in 2018 ?

  • I can't say for the 14-140mm specifically, but yes, I do believe this was fixed in a firmware update. My G85/G80 does not have this problem.

  • IT's terrible, on this video, the first firmware 1.1 doesn't change the problem. And when i see the border of the road on the video, the image is so strong, seems to ba an artificial picture...

  • @Ironfilm The person in the video did the whole thing from top to bottom, including all the editing. I think she did a great job. I did move the mics near the G85 just to check the noise.

  • I'm posting here on the hope this will be useful to someone that, like me in the past few days, is looking for information about pairing a G80/G85 and this Kipon adapter.

    I've been using the Kipon EF-MFT adapter (version 1) with various GH2 bodies without mayor problems. This week I bought an used G80 and I could verify that the adapter hits the camera's body. Personally I think is easily fixable, doing a slightly sanding of the protuding element of the adapter which purpose, I supose, is only for housing the screws. The other place where I found information about this issue was here

    I returned the camera because it was faulty (a dirt speck or such in the inner layers of the sensor) so for the moment I won't rectifiying the Kipon until I get another body.

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    3000 x 2000 - 1M
  • Auto ISO in manual mode!

    Hi people, I discovered something new to me, which I've not seen on the internet yet. I want to record UHD movies, but with control over aperture and shutter speed and in auto ISO, while monitoring what's going on while recording. Normal manual videomode does NOT allow this. It only allows manual ISO if you want to retain control over both aperture and shutter speed.

    However I'm thrilled to discover that in 4kphoto mode I can have full manual control AND AUTO ISO, and all these numbers actually show up on screen, and stay on screen change WHILE recording. sadly the exposure compensation does not work in combination.

    Are you guys aware of this?

    BTW I'm looking for an affordable underwater housing and dome port, but there is only an Ikelight housing costing me over €2000,-. Do you know of something cheaper, otherwise I'm motivated to save up for a 2nd hand GH5 and buy the much more affordable seafrogs /meikon housing for it. - Still a heavy investment.

  • Anybody tried out this camera with the m42 to mft speedbooster?

  • Hey, Panasonic finally listened to us and added a headphone jack to the G85! It only took 3 years! image New firmware available here:

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  • Panasonic finally listened to us and added a headphone jack to the G85

    It's a joke? I don't get. Maybe this comment is about G90 which is G85 with headphone jack.

  • It is a joke. They made a mistake on the release notes. Interestingly the G95 release notes don't mention the headphones. Maybe they mistakenly swapped the G95 and G85 release notes.

  • My G85 has a headphone jack through the USB port.

  • @DrDave what do you mean?

  • It's a joke.

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