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3D Screen smartphones making comeback
  • ROKiT, a revolutionary telecommunications company, today introduced its line of five mobile handsets, including three smartphones, to market. At an event hosted this morning in downtown Los Angeles, company founders John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick announced that the handsets would be officially available for purchase online across the U.S. exclusively at and starting today.


    At ROKiT we like to say we’re a people-first company, because John Paul and I firmly believe in building a brand that prioritizes making a difference in the world over merely selling a product”

    Unlike any other phone brand, ROKiT is shaking up the mobile landscape by pairing its phones with vital life services like family telemedicine, legal counsel, and more. The collection also includes two smartphone models with the best glasses-free 3D technology on the market and a vast library of exclusive 2D and 3D live action and animated content. These unrivaled entertainment and lifestyle packages come packed into premium mobile handsets available at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

    “We started ROKiT with a mission to provide people with well-being and security, and offer a realistic entry point to top notch technology. It has been incredible to see our vision realized as people react to the phones,” said John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of ROKiT. “Not only have they been blown away by the glasses-free 3D experience on the smartphones, but they can’t believe just how much they’re getting for such a reasonable price. It was important to us to be the first phone on the market with such an extensive life service and entertainment offering that will surely change lives.”

    ROKiT smartphones offer endless entertainment through its ROK Entertainment platform, which includes access to subscription-based streaming television, music, and games. Two of ROKiT’s smartphone models, the ROKiT IO 3D and IO Pro 3D, feature stereoscopic screen technology meticulously crafted to provide a crisp, vibrant 3D image and eliminate previous barriers to 3D’s success. To ensure a seamless experience for users, the phones also enable access to premium, quality-controlled 3D content at the touch of a button through the ROKFLiX 3D app, an expansive catalogue of feature films and custom content created by ROKiT Studios, the company’s 3D and animation studio in France.

    ROKiT’s life-changing bundles are rooted in providing health and protection for the whole family. ROK Life Services come pre-loaded on select models in ROKiT’S phone range, kicking off with a year’s free access to 24/7 telemedicine and discounted pharmaceuticals, with roadside assistance, family legal services, and accidental death, burial and cremation, and identity theft insurance available at low-cost monthly rates.

    “At ROKiT we like to say we’re a people-first company, because John Paul and I firmly believe in building a brand that prioritizes making a difference in the world over merely selling a product,” said Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder and chairman of ROKiT. “Today marks a massive milestone as we connect people with what they need and what they love by officially selling our phones globally. We have lots more in store and are eager to continue this momentum from here.”

    • ROKiT IO 3D ($199.99) – Mostly-loaded 3D smartphone
    • ROKiT IO Pro 3D ($299.99) – Fully-loaded 3D smartphone

    ROKiT phones are available to purchase in the U.S. at and and will be rolling out to the UK next month via

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  • Are these android based, or some shit proprietary OS?

  • @joethepro


    Issue is that besides renticular screen it has nothing.

    As cameras are horrible, can record 720p video in 2019. Can't shoot stereo even. Worse than had been on first 3D phones.

  • Well, for $200 I guess you cant complain, if you really want a 3D phone!

  • @joethepro

    If you check Insta360 now offer renticular addons for top smartphones :-)

    So, can be better solution.