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Panasonic AG-CX350 4K Camcorder with 4Kp60 10bit HEVC
  • Panasonic has announced the AG-CX350, a 4K 1.0-type handheld camcorder that offers both creativity and connectivity for live events, IP Production, sports, and news gathering.

    The CX350 is a handheld camcorder that is optimized for 4K/HD production with live broadcasting capabilities. With its integrated lens design, the CX350 brings impressive new features including 4K 10-bit 60p capture, HDR recording, and is equipped with the RTMP/RTSP/RTP protocol for live streaming and NDI | HX-ready IP connection. At only 4.2-lbs. (body only), the CX350 is also the lightest 4K 10-bit fixed-lens camcorder in its class.


    The 1.0-type MOS sensor (approx. 15.03-megapixels in UHD/FHD) provides exceptional depth-of-field and offers a great balance between image quality and sensitivity (F12/F13 in High Sensitivity Mode). The CX350 can capture in UHD (3840x2160), Full HD (1920x1080), HD (1280x720), and SD (720x480). Like the EVA1, the CX350 offers 10-bit 4:2:2 color sampling with ALL-Intra (400-Mbps) and LongGOP (150Mbps) and can be recorded in UHD up to 29.98p/25p and FHD up to 59.97p/50p. It also supports the 10-bit HEVC codec at UHD up to 59.97p/50p with a low bit rate of 200Mbps. The HEVC 10-bit codec can be natively decoded and played by computers with 7th Generation (or later) Intel Core i7 chips. All of these formats and compression rates can be recorded internally to lower cost SD cards.

    The CX350 offers multiple forms of IP connectivity. It is the first handheld camcorder with in-camera NDI | HX compatibility (requires license purchase), allowing for high-quality IP video connectivity with live production switchers, including the Panasonic AV-HLC100 Stream Studio. The CX350 contains the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) function, which enables video streaming to key social platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Internal HD recording (MOV) while streaming content is also available. The CX ROP app for iOS/Android tablets enables IP remote control of the CX350 with Gigabit Ethernet LAN connector (RJ45), or wireless module (AJ-WM50). With the app, you can control functions such as camera settings, picture quality adjustment, REC start/stop, menu settings and more.


    The CX350’s integrated lens contains a wide angle of 24.5mm at the wide-angle setting with minimal distortion. The 20x optical zoom lens covers the range from 24.5mm to 490mm (35mm film equivalent at 4K/HD). It also has the 35x(HD) / 24x(4K) Intelligent Zoom function. In both 4K and HD shooting modes, the CX350 uses 5-axis hand-shake correction that combines the effects of both optical and electronic image stabilization, providing a steadier image in unstable shooting conditions.

    In addition to capturing conventional gamma modes (HD, SD, FILMLIKE 1/2/3 FILM-REC, VIDEO-REC), the CX350 now supports HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) to capture a wider dynamic range. The HLG standard was developed jointly by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) and NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and is currently supported by both TV stations and streaming services. When shooting HLG, the CX350 can be set to HDR or SDR Color Setting on each output – LCD/EVF, SDI and HDMI.

    For sports shooters, Variable Frame Rate (VFR) recording can be set in the range of 1-fps to 60-fps (59.94Hz). In FHD mode, Super Slow motion can be achieved at 120-fps/100-fps (59.94Hz, 50Hz). The CX350 can also capture 720p AVCHD 8-Mbps, for a video analysis and compatibility with DV Sports and XoS Digital, plus an interchange format.

    Additional key features of the CX350 include support for AVCHD, simultaneous SDI and HDMI output (UHD video via HDMI and output of HD video via 10-bit, 4:2:2 SDI), two audio channels from the built-in stereo mic or two XLR audio inputs, and low power consumption at 17 W. Two toggle switches for GAIN and WHITE BALANCE are available, as well as two Accessory Shoes for additional versatility.

    The CX350 will be available in late February 2019 with a suggested list price $3,995.

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    663 x 338 - 91K
  • Nice, basic feature set.

  • Limiting FPS to 50/60 is such a glaring oversight in 2019. We should have at least 120p if not 240p as standard options for all FHD shooting for cameras like this. Its pretty ridiculous when most cell phones how have 4x-8x the slow mo capabilities of a camera like this.

  • @joethepro

    Here it can be limit of LSI.

    As well as request by sensor manufacturer - Sony. So their cameras will be better still.

  • @joethepro The camera does shoot 120 fps in FHD 1080p resolutions.

    240 fps would certainly be nice to have and the GH5s and EVA1 are both capable of recording at this frame rate, suggesting that Panasonic does have some electronics that can handle this. The video quality of the 240 fps recording is not great in either of those cameras, although I'm not sure how much of that is due to the sensor, and how much is due to video compression or other techniques to reduce the data rate.

  • @davedv You're right about 120 fps, I missed that little section in the table.

  • I like the idiot mode option for the second SD card which just records everything even if you are not recording. Sharpness and IQ is great for a small sensor.

  • Filmakers comment: "So, its definitely not a marketing video and near enough straight out of camera other than some very quick and basic colour correction. But this was from earlier today. Wide shots were manual focus, close ups were all AF, other than that, all manual settings. Audio was a rode lav mic in into the camera XLR port, all straight from camera too."

    Visible AF hunting on closeups, and manual AF used on wide shots. Simple color grade yet good skin tones.

  • Barry Green's CX350 eBook is now available for download at

  • Very nice videos