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8K m43 Camera with Flip-Out Screen from... Sharp?
  • This is pretty out of left field. At least I hadn't seen any predictions of a camera like this. Looks like Sharp was really smitten with the BMPCC4K design as there are a lot of body similarities. Not really much info from Sharp yet on it or even a name but supposedly it will shoot 8Kp30 in H265.

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  • @Firworks

    This is unexpected.

    Team had been at their booth, but missed it, will do interview later.

  • I also think Panasonic management told us that you can't do 8K using m43 sensor.


  • I think they build the Red Helium 8K sensor, so not that surprising - sharp/Toshiba tech

  • @bannedindv

    I think it is 98% from Foxconn here, at least idea, engineers team and such. I heard from some private talks that they are up to something mirrorless.

  • ...some hints from last year...

    Foxconn manufactured an estimated 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide in 2012, and in addition to the iPhone, it manufactures well-known products like the Kindle, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox. Apple’s products account for over half of its sales, though, and Foxconn is working to reduce its dependence on Apple by branching out to new segments, Nikkei reports.

    RED teaming with Foxconn on smaller, cheaper 8K cameras

    Foxconn plans to build smaller, cheaper 8K cameras in collaboration with cinema company RED, Nikkei reports. "We will make cameras that will shoot professional-quality films in 8K resolution but at only a third of current prices and a third of current camera sizes," CEO Terry Gou told reporters.

    The company recently purchased Sharp, and plans to drastically ramp up its production of displays, having recently announced a $10 billion investment in the US. "Not only displays, Sharp controls important chip technologies for various image sensors that go into digital cameras and televisions. We will definitely make good use of them and make more of them," Gou explained. "And we will make these [chips] much more cheaply.

    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    Cinema camera company RED is working with Sharp on new 8K technology, according to Phil Holland, a cinematographer who works closely with RED. He has been testing an unreleased, prototype 70-inch 8K TV, and comparing it against a Sharp 4K model using 8K aerial footage he shot in LA. From seven feet away, "which is within the ideal viewing distance for a 70-inch screen based on THX's numbers," the difference is like "looking at a decent fine art print versus a really good one," he said.

  • Foxconn = Sharp=Toshiba (probably fabbing Helium Sensor IMO) since some fab time freed up for them after Nikon went Sony... now... Is the Red Gemini Sensor Sony Fabbed ? IMO yes, but who knows for sure...

    By the way, I predict the 8K TV move above there being championed by Phil Holland is one step in to trying to get the Lenticular-looking Leia/Red Hydrogen “4V” content into 77-80 inch screens in our living rooms with the 1/4 or 1/2 resolution hit being somewhat mitigated by having the 8K pixels for a 4K/2K split view basis for its “3D window” effect.

  • @bannedindv

    It is just one problem - even stereo is hard to shoot.

    Present RED approach to shoot compatible footage looks terrible.

    And 8K has nothing to do with RED.

    Actually rumors are that if not support money and patent pool RED had been dead in 2018 as after deducating credits and patent income it is no longer profitable.

  • Oh don’t get me wrong. 4view/H4V is trash.

  • OMFFingG.

  • With a $99 lens on it? Is it real or cardboard? I want one either way.

  • @DrDave

    I'll tell you small secret - 8K sensor production is almost same price as present ones :-) Very cheap.

    As for LSI, if Foxconn paid for development costs it is also same price as normal camera LSI.

    And same form factor Yi M1 cost is $249 with kit lens sometimes.

  • Wait a minute.... I thought M4/3 was dying?? Hmmm...

  • @azza_act

    In the hand of Panasonic we definitely have something residing the corpse state :-)

    But it seems that...

  • Someone should confront the Panasonic reps at CES with this 8K prototype from Foxconn/Sharp.

  • Plenty of questions about this - real 8k or interpolated? For that many dots on a micro 4/3 sensor, how's the low light performance? More importantly, how's the normal light noise looking? IBIS on an 8k sensor? It'll be interesting to see how they keep it cooled...

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    On pixel level noise is worse, on picture level it is same.

  • Simply known as '8K video camera', it's still a prototype, but can record up to 30p, with Sharp aiming for 60p, while it features a Micro Four Thirds sensor and lens mount to boot.

  • It is also expected to offer a single UHS-II SD card slot, sensor stabilization, and a large 5-inch flip-out display.

    Sharp reportedly stated that it is working on a 60fps recording option for a lower resolution, possibly 1080p. Other features present on the prototype include a full-size HDMI port, audio-in, USB-C, a microphone input, and a headphone jack. Assuming nothing changes by the time an official announcement takes place, the '8K Video Camera' will have a sub-$5,000 price.

    Unfortunately, the prototype wasn't functional.

  • So far it seems it was built around vlogger's needs/requests, however, I am glad there's a new player in the market.

  • Anyone besides me think it is strange that they have that super cheap lens bolted onto it? Why doesn't anyone ask if it is hollow inside?

  • @DrDave

    Well, Panasonic had only 3D printed prototypes at Photokina. And price of this thing can be actually lower than any Panasonic FF body :-)

  • Assuming the images aren't complete shite, this could be very interesting. I suppose as Sharp are the trying to sell 8K TV's they will want to get some content creation kit out into the market as one will help sell the other.

  • @Energy80s

    Well, sensor will be best among all m43 sensors up to date. :-)

    I like 5" screen and it can be cool to have pair of them for one of our NAB teams.