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Intel build in Gen11 GPU will have 8K support
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    Intel unveiled new Gen11 integrated graphics with 64 enhanced execution units, more than double previous Intel Gen9 graphics (24 EUs), designed to break the 1 TFLOPS barrier. The new integrated graphics will be delivered in 10nm-based processors beginning in 2019.

    The new integrated graphics architecture is expected to double the computing performance-per-clock compared to Intel Gen9 graphics. With >1 TFLOPS performance capability, this architecture is designed to increase game playability. At the event, Intel showed Gen11 graphics nearly doubling the performance of a popular photo recognition application when compared to Intel’s Gen9 graphics. Gen11 graphics is expected to also feature an advanced media encoder and decoder, supporting 4K video streams and 8K content creation in constrained power envelopes. Gen11 will also feature Intel® Adaptive Sync technology enabling smooth frame rates for gaming.

    Intel also reaffirmed its plan to introduce a discrete graphics processor by 2020

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  • Interesting. What level of Nvidia GPU could this be compared to?

  • Interesting. What level of Nvidia GPU could this be compared to?

    GT 1030 - GTX 1050 I guess.

    Actually closer to 2200G build in GPU.

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    Slide shows pair of video decoders and one video encoder block.

    731 x 416 - 33K