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GH5 Firmware Update - Performance Enhancement
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  • @chauchat

    Can you make some formal report, with exact steps to reproduce issue?

    Also some short sample videos will help.

    I'll make sure that Panasonic management will get it.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @chauchat

    I am sure it related only to tripod work...

    What about using IBIS with a handheld gimbal, like the Zhiyun? I've seen gimbal footage that looked just as stable as a tripod. If IBIS doesn't play well with gimbals, might as well go for the GH5s.

  • Thanks! The easiest way to reproduce this might be to use a monopod, lens with a long focal length and maybe make it even longer with Ex Tele Conv. mode and have the IS lock on. They’re not necessary but might help. Then just try to be very steady. The time that it takes for the IBIS to turn off varies but the last time I tried this it was about 15s. Here’s a video example. I shot it sitting on a chair and the camera was on a mini tripod on my lap, the tripod legs were folded together and I held the camera with both hands. This test was shot at 300mm focal length. That was also set in camera as the focal length. IS lock was on but no E-stabilization. After 28 seconds the IBIS quits and I shake the camera twice to wake it up at 47s. It does wake up but the whole thing would then repeat.

  • This problem is a very old problem that inconvenience occurs even with GH 2 + OIS lenses.

    When I noticed the problem I requested Panasonic old 14-140 lens repair but it was judged normal and returned.

  • I found one inconvenience. When I use slideshow play and I want to start video slideshow from file 500 (not from file 1) I must still start from file 1 and advance one by one to file 500.

    It would be easier to just select right file and start slideshow. In vacation or hiking trip I often have many days of shooting in big SD card and I want to see one day as a video slideshow straight from camera.

    It is also often the only way to show heavy 4k 60P files using HDMI out and 4k TV.

  • It will be interesting to see if any of our suggestions made it into the next update. My only major feature was the expansion of usable frame rates:

    4096 x 2160 (DCI 4k) at 60fps in 60hz mode and 4096 x 2160 (DCI 4k) at 48fps in 24hz mode.

    I'm not overly optimistic, but I am hoping to be surprised.

  • @Mckinise - DCI 4k 48fps is possible in 24hz mode as long as you can deal with 8-bit. Just use VFR to set it (the option for VFR isn't there for the 10-bit modes, but as far as I remember, there aren't any 10-bit modes available above 30p on the GH5 so that's not surprising).

  • Any news on the latest firmware update?