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Personal View 2018 Video Contest
  • Welcome to our new video contest.

    It is good tradition to make winter video contests on PV.


    1. You can submit TWO videos made by you personally or your small team using any camera. Just post it in this topic.
    2. You can submit any video made after contest start or up to 3 months prior of contest start.
    3. Clip must reside on vimeo or youtube video hostings and must have in description "personal-view contest" text with link to contest page (for contest time).
    4. Video must be between 2 and 10 minutes in length. if you think that video is very good you can submit longer videos.
    5. Contest duration is until March 15.

    Winner selection

    1. @maxr will be main judge, but also few other members will have their say in winner selection.

    Prizes - DSLR 3-axis Gimbal

    • Work with any camera+ lens combination up to 1.8kg
    • Weight is around 1kg
    • Compact

    Prizes - Laing H5 Steadicam, new 2017 model

    • Work with any camera+ lens combination up to 2.8kg
    • Weight is only 0.67kg, so you can use it with bare hands for prolonged time
    • Very compact
    • Exceptional manufacturing quality Laing is known for
    • No charging required :-)


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  • Dieter!!!!! I will submit this year and win.

  • @endotoxic I wish you luck

  • Hi Guys - With this being such a technically focused Forum I decided to share some production craft - How to Shoot an event.

    I have been shooting all sorts of corporates for 15 years - but I really enjoy covering events where the pressure is on to be good (enough) and fast.

    This was a Windsurfing event I shot in Jan 2018 in Australia where i was the solo camera man, drone operator, host, director, interviewer and editor.

    I talk more about all the elements you need for complete event coverage and not so much about camera specs - although the camera set ups i use are strategically chosen and very capable in a demanding solo shooter event coverage scenario.

    I try and be as cinematic as possible but in an environment like this you lean more towards fast coverage.

    I cover everything from shot selection and timing, interview craft and cutaways right through to measuring how effective your edit was at getting attention.

    For those of you with nice cameras and lenses sitting in boxes I hope this inspires and guides you to push yourself hard in creating some content.

  • Does it have to be exclusive? I shot a short with friends last week and would like post it here but it would be a copy of the short on my personal channel not the main release on the directors channel.

  • @TimTomTum

    Well, we did not have such case before.

    If it is good, post it.

  • Thats great. Will do!

  • Totally music short called "Tetris", had shoot for two days. I bellive that short brings you much more emotions than any modern movie.

  • Here's my submission! If anyone should 'need' one of those stabilizers, based on my video, it's me ;)

  • That's the first shortfilm I DP'd. I did all the scouting and lighting, on set I shared duty with another person for framing the shots. I basically started my filmmaking journey here on a couple of years ago with the GH2 and lot's of deals from Vitaliy. I went down the lighting rabbit hole for a couple of years and that's what you see in the shortfilm. But my friends and I are in desperate need for camera movement tools. As the movie as you see is shot totally locked of, apart from shoulder rigs we don't own any camera movement equipment and often don't have budget to rent. Oh and this film was created last minute, we wanted to take part in a big german 99hour shortfilm contest, but on the starting day it was released that the contest was sponsored by McDonalds, a McD product had to be featured and we had to give all the movie rights to McD after submission. So we passed and scrambled this short together in a couple of hours.

  • The Film above was great - the lighting truly beautiful - I can see how much work went into it

    and blue clothes for skin tones works well.

    The static camera is actually very refreshing and helps with focus. Don't get too carried away with camera movement because I dont think your style really requires it.

  • Thanks @reflexfilms. The static camera was a decision. Glad you liked it :) I know the kind of camera moment you are talking about. I will still have to contain my camera movement in the future cause of the budget for lighting. Can't light big spaces yet. But a subtle push in or using the gimbal as a remote head. That would be great for the future!

  • This shortfilm is the result of a cinema wokshop I gave by the end of 2017. With no money and a lot of passion, we spent one busy and funny saturday shooting from rain untill dusk, putting the theory to test.

  • Contest duration is until March 15.

    So, entries no longer accepted.

  • Where's the guy with just 1 eye that plays the hornet?!!!

    Okay, okay, let me have a look on the red book of the 3rd world country interweb video contests' judge, aha, very well.
    So it says here a 3rd world/class judge must be honest and sport somekind of sense of humour.

    • First off as official something-something, I want to thanks everybody that is participating, I wished more people had joined in.
    • Secondly, I must thank VK for blackmailing me through a trojan, just kidding Vitaliy only uses zero days (???)
    • Thirdly (sounds bad) from every video I personally learned something, even if I don't know what to do with it :P
    • Fourth, the guy who went fly fishing, breathe man, brrreeeeaaaaathhhhheeee and maybe a bit less caffeine ,-)

    And now for the moment that something-something {drum roll please}

    ..... .>> .>.>. ..... .....

    Winners are (what @VK no emojis?!!!!) @humpman and @Cid

    Congrats, Vitaliy would tell about what the prizes are, I have no idea.

    As a 3rd world country interweb video contests' judge I may leave 1 note:

    @humpman your video was my favorite, just because it has cats, but for next time consider doing some, any sound design, it doesn't have to be foley, it can just be fooly or plain crazy but something else that gluing a music track on top of the editing; I say this 'cause I care... not a critique, we, 3rd world country judges cannot critique just put out there =)

    Cheers PVs {emoji of cat skinning an old chinese lady}

  • Congrats to both!

  • Oh my God i winnn!!! Thanks guys!!! I had even can't dream about that, well, honestly i did in the beginning of the contest when just two joiners inner :D @maxr i'm in the fashion theme )) Yeah, i got what you mean, and i guess i understand what sound image you wanna see, but i have another point-of-view. Actually, all that video stream was builded by the music intention, i just listening music, got the idea, had shot it.

  • Yeah! Thanks @VK and @maxr for the contest! @humpman congratulations, I can't even complain since I love cats ;o) Greetings from the 3rd world!

  • Grrrr..... I didn't submit lol. Congratulations to the winners. Grate videos. Good gifts.

  • Thanks @endotoxic! I hope you submit to the next contest!