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Trump: We need to start removing glands via other end
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  • @bwhitz What the fuck do teacher qualifications have to do with being armed? I had no idea that the ability to teach 10-year olds math/literature/painting and the ability to safely operate a firearm were so closely correlated. Please explain more of your brilliant world view. You've clearly put a lot of thought into this.

    Also, yes, nothing that he said was credible. He backed up none of his statements with any data whatsoever - and no, I'm not going through his post sentence by sentence and identifying which logical fallacy was in each - but there were at least a half dozen presented.

    @eyenorth According to, the rate of firearm ownership in El Salvador is about 1 firearm for every 10 citizens which is less than 1/10 the rate of firearm ownership in the US. A license is required to purchase a firearm and the minimum legal age to possess is 21, with the right to carry being granted at 24. Gun sales must be performed by a licensed gun dealer. However, the rate of death by firearms in your country is about 4x the rate in the US (about 45.6 (one source vs 40 for another) per 100,000 people vs 10 (one source vs 4 for another) per 100,000 people). In fact, El Salvador has the highest rate of death by gun violence in the world (though it is followed closely by several other Central / South American countries as well as a few Caribbean nations).

    Source: /

    Also source:

  • @eatstoomuchjam Thanks - exactly my point. The issue of these homicides is more complex than focusing on just gun control policy - many other factors involved as well to look at. El Salvador has comparatively quite strict and extensive control, but for some reason the homicide rates are very high. Would be interesting to go there one day though - if anything the nice climate beats the snow and cold up here ;)

  • @eyenorth


    We have a high gun ownership in my home country, but very low homicide rate.

    Me: "Which country?"

    El Salvador.


    El Salvador has comparatively quite strict and extensive control, but for some reason the homicide rates are very high.

    Were you answering a different question when I asked which was your home country? I am confused.

    And yes, gun violence rates in the developing world are generally higher than they are in industrialized nations. Compared with other industrialized nations, the gun violence rate is more than 5x higher per capita with one of the primary differences being access to firearms. The same site that put the gun death rate at 47 in El Salvador and 11 in the US, for example, says that the rate in Chile is closer to 2.5. Economically and culturally, Chile is not especially dissimilar to the US (it's poorer than the US, certainly, but there is a strong middle class) with almost all of the same complicating factors as mentioned above re: single parent households, medicated kids, etc.

  • @eatstoomuchjam I actually can think of several who could and would rise to the occasion and stop the evil.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Only reason to wish this is that such content rise some part of your nature, something real human in you, that makes your everyday comfortable life even if slightly less comfortable. Trump is actually just indicator of direction where things are going if you just have "photo/video/production" comfortable stuff :-) This other, uncomfortable for now, part will reach you some years ahead and even hard raping will look as better choice compared to that will happen at this moment. To be short - until PV is alive, you won't see such tabs here.

    I suggested this simply because, contrary to what you may think, a lot of people stay up to date and involved in politics outside of People like me come here to filter that shit out for a little bit and get a dose of info about video related stuff, and would prefer not to see political topics on the front page. BUT this is your site, and of course you should do what you want with it. I respect that.

  • @joethepro

    Do not worry, may be we'll have such feature, but slightly different. Just because it'll be present in new engine, but because I like it much :-)

  • Ah, I miss the old days of EosHD, LPowell battles (sigh).

  • The anti-teacher’s union thing is laughable.

    Sorry, but teacher’s unions exist for the very purpose of trying to raise the wages of people who are educating our future. Everyone and I mean everyone deserves the right to equal educational opportunity. The fact that pay scale for teachers is so low means that you don’t necessarily get people jockeying for the job - it’s not lowest common denominators - it’s usually people who actually care enough to teach DESPITE shitty wages. Sure there are outliers like anything. By the way, I do condone Responsible - regulated gun ownership, sales, usage, and training. I think training in conflict resolution and management should be integral to every teacher’s education - and students should be taught conflict management and resolution as well. Even disaster / drug / weapons training for teachers once a year for a day or a few hours is not a bad idea, but to arm teachers is a little off the tracks.

  • I can hopefully get this thread firmly in the realm of Video as well, as it is part of security/surveillance/deterrence measures.

    Anybody here have experience or footage from the new Lorex 4K Noctunals using Sony Exmor R BSI sensors?

    Back illuminated CMOS sensor Your Nocturnal security cameras use an incredibly sophisticated Sony Exmor R™ image sensor. This type of sensor is especially useful for security cameras because of its amazing low-light performance. It uses back illuminated technology to capture more light, as the incoming light bypasses the normal layer of metal wiring and transistors that can diminish the amount of light with front illuminated image sensors. This sensor also shields the video from low-light noise / grain by passing the signal through an analog noise reduction program before converting the video signal to digital and a secondary noise reduction after conversion.

    4K Ultra HD IP NVR System with 10 4K IP Dome and 12 4K IP Motorized Bullet Cameras, 250FT Night Vision 4KHDIP3222NV is a 22 Camera bundle for $4999.99

    at the lower end the cheapest non-Nocturnal branded 4K IP based bundle I came across was this one for $699 at Costco at

    Four 4K Bullet IP Cams and 8ch DVR... for $699 - compare that to what we get from Canon or Nikon!

  • Finally!

    Florida's House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday allowing full-time teachers to carry guns in the classroom - expanding on a program launched in the wake of the deadly Parkland high school shooting in February, 2018.

    Hope that bill about grenade launchers will follow soon.